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Chris Kyle RIP

Killed by a troubled vet he was trying to help.

I had read his book, "american sniper’ last December - so sad.

He survived who knows what dangers in the sandbox, then tries helping a dude back home only to be killed by him.

Eff you, irony!

Very sad.

Very tragic… It’s insane how many frogmen have been KIA downrange lately… And now even back at home, his wife and child are left behind so definite wishes for them.

Out of respect for the guy, they need to turn off the auto volume jello pudding ads.

Very troubling, RIP. I only hope this will be the tipping point for some positive change re traumatised vets

Chris Kyle was a great man, I’ve nothing but respect for him. I hope his legacy can inspire a younger generation to serve this nation and their community.

This is very saddening to hear, after all he has done. It’s like finding out that a superhero died. RIP.


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A terribly saddening loss.

i agree. sucks.