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Chris Karmin Training Log


Hit cambered bar box squats w grey bands and ended up with 560 bar weight for a 10 lb PR
Deficit Sumo Pulls
Banded Leg curls
Ab/Aductor work



5 lb PR, I've missed a PR with 120 lbs of chains the last two times I've used it so it was nice to get past this.

Bamboo Bar Warm Up: 75/145/190
Bench Press + 120 lbs of chains: 135/185/225/265/295/315/330 Then 330x3 w slingshot
Floor Press: 135/225/275x5/315x5/315x10/315x8
Seated Barbell Military Press: 95/135x10/185x8/225x5/245x3
Banded Tricep Pushdowns
Lat Pulldowns


2/18/15 Dynamic Effort Lower Body

SS Bar Box Squat (55%) 300lbs + Orange Bands 10x2 (30 Seconds rest)
Deadlifts 405+40 lbs of chain 8x1 (30 seconds rest)
Pin SS Bar Good Mornings (Conventional Stance) 240x5/290x5/330x5/380x5
Banded Leg Curls (Grey Band) 3x10
Hyper Extension Snatch Grip Pulls 95x8/145x8/195x8
Aductor 190 3x10


Dynamic Effort Bench 2/20/15

Rough day today, felt off all day before I even stepped into the gym.

Bamboo Bar Warm Up- 75/145/190 x 12
Speed Bench- 245 10x3 30 sec reps, 3 different grip (Normal,Wide,Close)
Fat Bar Bench- 300 3x5
Hammer Strength Seated Military Press- 1P,2P x 10 3Px6 3.5Px6
Hammer Strength Chest Supported Row 1p,2p,3p,4p x 8

Pretty shitty day overall but my speed bench was fast which is what makes it all ok. Felt like maybe I might be coming down with a cold so gonna rest up and hopefully ill be in better spirits tomorrow for Max Effort Skwaats.


SS Bar box squat (11 inch box and foam pad)- 415/470/510/545/560/580miss


Accessory day
45 degree hack squat machine 4x8
Leg extensions
Leg curls


2/23/15 Max Effort Bench Day

Floor press w 80lbs of chains- 135/185/225/275/315/340/345/365(20lb pr)
4 inch cambered bar bench press- 135/225 x8 315 x5
Seated military dumbbell peer- 60/75/100/110
100 rep push downs w orange band
Rear felt flys


DE Lower Body 2/25/15

Speed Box Skwaats- SSB 60% (330) + 80 lbs of chains 8x2 30 Seconds rest

Speed Deads (Conventional) 405+40 lbs of chains 6x1 30 seconds rest

45 Degree Angle Hack Squat- 1P,2P,3P,4P,4.5P x 8

Leg Curls- 100,140,170,200 x 8



DE Bench 2/27/15

Speed Bench w 40 lbs of chains 245 lbs 9x3

Fat Bar Bench- 305 3x5

Push Downs

Lat Pull downs




Cambered Bar Box Squat- 470/510/560/590/610/630 (25b PR)

Fat Bar Deads- 345/435/485 x 3 , 505 x2


GHR 3x10