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Chris Hemsworths' Build for Thor


He looks like he will fit that role well, what do u think? Stats say he's 6'3'', 220lbs. He supposedly bulked up 20lbs in 6 months, but strangely, he's lost all of his size for the role already but he'll have to put it on again soon bc The Avengers starts filming soon. What would you say his bodyfat% is at and how big would u guess his arms to be around? 18''?


I think Thor should be like seven feet tall three hundred pounds of muscle so...

I mean he's supposed to be a fucking god right?

6" 3. 220 is snore. I mean really220? lame.


Agreed, it would be better if he were more "holy shit that guy is a fucking monster," considering that he is playing a god and all. Plus I've never seen the comics but I'd bet he was drawn like a huge dude.

But knowing Hollywood it could have been worse--he's not a behemoth but he's got some decent mass, definitely looks good. I could see some douchebag studio exec casting that androgynous creep from Twilight in order to pull the 13 year old girls into the theaters.


I wonder who the biggest guy (who can actually act) in Hollywood is? The only big guys I can think of are the The Expendables guys who are probably too old to get cast in this sort of role.


The Rock?


You think the guys from The Expendables can act?? You are dismissed.


If very rare to find a actor that can ACT and look the part. You're often sacrificing something in the end.

Thor or any comic book hero/god/vilian whatever it may be are drawn about 100 different ways. You can't please all the fans that have seen them drawn one way more than the other.



a "how big are his arms?"

a "What is my bodyfat?"

and a "Woah look at this celebrity beef up!?!"

thread all in one? What the Fuck! Go jump off a bridge OP and do the dishes while your at it!!!


This thread is kinda gay...


a. take a look in the mirror before making suck comments
b. look really hard
c. go watch the cape and wonder reflect on why you are such a douche


He's a fucking actor. To ask him to bulk up to 300lbs would be unrealistic. It works in context because the rest of the cast is so tiny - yes 6'3 and 220 isn't huge, but imagine what he's going to look like next to Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle.


lol. Rourke isn't a completely terrible actor, but point taken.


I hate Mickey Rourke's face so much.


Serially greg, think before you make suck comments.


Look at this face. Never get tired kicking it.



At 6'3, a guy could be at least 250 lbs and still look lean enough to pull off the role. Not to mention that that kind of size would look much more imposing. 6'3 220 lbs is an NFL receiver, which is not who I would picture Thor to resemble.


Mickey Rourke can act but,he only has like 2 real scenes. I was talking about the main cast.


LOL you have this thing about smashing peoples faces in!

A while ago it was Craig Titus and now poor old Mickey!

You should start a thread on 'peoples faces you'd like to kick in' lol. My vote goes to this botoxed, bleached toothed fucker. I lost respect for him when he went all 'American TV' on his craggy old face...

"Im tho thor I can even pith" <---punch line to old joke about Thor (thinking out loud lol)


All this thread is missing is Taylor Lautner. Or however the fuck you spell it.


Hollywood, please cater to all my tnation friends and find a 6`6 350lb freak of nature for us, please.

Half of you are asking for way too much. serially.