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Chris Duffin's ShouldeRok


My shoulders have been messed up for a while. Some old injuries and general tightness. My shoulders definitely slope forward too much.

So I bought the ShouldeRok to help fix my shoulders and posture, and hopefully increase my lifts. But I've had some trouble finding guidelines for how much weight I should be using with it. In one of his videos, Chris mentions 5lbs is the minimum. But he doesn't really say how much higher one should go, given different starting points and goals.

Does anyone here have experience using the ShoulderRok? Any thoughts on how to determine the right weight, especially to fix tight shoulders? Any other tips about using this piece of equipment would be appreciated as well. Thanks!


I would imagine you want to keep it light almost like face pulls, band pull aparts, etc. The point is to strengthen all your scapula stabilization muscles (all the muscles that move the scapula in every direction it's capable of). If it gets easy then add weight but don't worry too much about how much weight is being used - you have to start from somewhere. You should feel all the muscles attached to your scapula being used - upper, mid and lower traps, rhomboids, levator scapulae and serratus anterior. Focus on a large range of motion to hit all involved muscles.

Edit: Look up where those muscles are located to have an idea of what is being targeted. Also, keep your entire upper body tight while doing the sets.


I have no experience with a real shoulderrok because it doesn't ship outside the US,

I do have some shoulder pain from time to time, there was this one time where it was worse than ussual. I decided to just say fuck it and try to do the movement with a broom. I literally just did the motion back and forth with that broom for 10min straight and altough i didn't get the desired effect from the lack of weight, my shoulders did feel slightly better afterwarths

No clue on weight progression but it could help your shoulders, i'd just keep adding 5 pounds till i'd hit a sweet spot.


I would just keep weight at the minimum amount to where you feel it being beneficial, probably will take a couple days to weeks to notice improvement so just start light like you are now and be aware of how your body feels.

And keep this updated if you don't mind I'd be interested to see your experiences with using it after a couple weeks.