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Chris Duffin Pulled 1001.6 For almost 3

He just put it on his youtube channel. Man I’d love to see him go 1,105lbs. I think he could seeing how fast hes progressing.


Just saw this and was about to post. Insane how effortless that was.

Duffin should just do a meet at 275 and get that 900 pull on the platform. He keeps doing these reckless cuts to 220 to try to break the record and missing.


what’s the record. Great lifting.

He can’t touch 900 without straps. not close.

I hear ya man. His meets have been disappointing so far (when compared to what he’s been able to do in training). Last I saw he bombed with like 750 due to grip so you are probably right.

He’s training for 1000lbs so he obviously believes his grip will get there pretty soon or he wouldn’t be using the straps in training… If I trust anyone in powerlifting to have a sensible approach and eventually achieve such impressive numbers through consistent effort, it’s Chris Duffin.

that’s 100 percent false. He’s stated that he does not care about what he can do in a meet. he’s not planning on competing in powerlifting in the foreseeable future.

his original goal was to be able to hit a 1000 lbs deadlift in training. Then he was going to switch gears and try to hit a 1000 lbs squat in training. It seems he’s decided to push the deadlift a little farther, probably because he’s seen such big numbers on the world stage.

Got plenty power posterior chain legs, small hands need to do hook grip, very fucking impressive but 1105 not close after initial pull only going down 4 inches on reps, best of luck though. Ed coan said having big hands and feet were only advantage in powerlifting he had as grip and setup were never problem .

Not close but he technically wasnt close to 1000 last year. And now he has it for an easy single since you don’t count the rest of his effort. He could probably hit a single around 1,035 if not 1,040.

Yeah it came off ground very strong, reps get hard with bar swaying like that, wish i had that pull.