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Chris Confessore: Is He Real?

Chris Confessore


Multiple World Record Holder

16+ Bench Press World Records.

Only man to perform triple bodyweight bench press in 4 different weight divisions.

Heaviest man to perform triple bodyweight bench press.

Lightest man to bench press over 700 pounds.

Only man to hold World Records in 5 different weight classes Current World Record Holder

562 lb. bench press at 181 lbs. bodyweight

662 lb. bench press at 218 lbs. bodyweight

741 lb. bench press at 236 lbs. bodyweight Powerlifting Titles

Junior National Champion

YMCA National Champion

IPF German Championships Champion

804 squat at 216 lbs. bodyweight.

Anyone know if this guy is legite? i have never heard of him. and i figure he would be all up on here and powerlifting usa if he was that good. and only think i found was from iron cutian labs and it was pretty much a ad for them.

He was the man a few years back. Very impressive lifter. I think most, if not all, of his records have been exceeeded now.

I think he was forced to retire due to injuries.