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Chris Colucci, DYEL? #1 January Edition


Chris, as promised I am making a DYEL call out thread. DYEL?

What exactly did you eat today, yesterday, and the day before? How do you know you actually ate this?

What is your lifting like? Post log entries, and an outline of what your training has been like. How is this going? How do you measure this progress?

What are your goals, and how do you plan on attaining them?

I am going to make a thread like this every couple months.


I am a bit out-of-touch with today's youth, so I hope you will entertain my curiosity. What does a kid like you hope to achieve by calling a grown man out?


One of his new year's resolutions is that he would have less "DYEL" threads calling him out. This is completely intended as a joke.

edit: I must also mention that Chris knows much more about training people than me, and will likely always know more than me about training other people. He's a smart guy when it comes to this, and I didn't mean to offend him.


yeah Chris, you helpful, likeable douche! How much do you bent press?


This would've been funnier if a guy didn't have a post last night literally calling me a hypocrite who doesn't practice what he preaches.

Thanks, Des, you jinxed it. 'Ya jerk.



I am sure you showed them the pictures of you in your favorite jacket, and they realized that "brah, you indeed lift and that is a seehk jacket". http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=57209238


maybe he will try ever program from the archives,like he did last year. And not make any appreciable gains like last year. Almost definitely will keep advising other members to keep doing them tho. And will make some vague excuses about how he didn't accomplish his goals again. Oh, after all,these are his professional opinions...that's the hypocrite I am talking about


Dude, I'm gonna put this nicely because I don't think Chris needs me defending him, but I think you've misread the tone of this thread.


I might as well ask here... but what are you on about?

You disappeared for about a year, then you come back, dredging up old threads and have basically just been attacking people.

Why? And what do you hope to accomplish?

I just find it hard to believe you're still upset about those threads last year, where a few people disagreed with you.


just figured i would point out the hypocrisy of a few,including you,LoRez. There are at least a few guys on this site who are quick to criticize or belittle someone. Then,low and behold,you take a later look at them and find they have accomplished nothing themselves. Or,say how you tell some guy to do do a specific plan to build arms when yours are small.

You got an a thread I had and said you saw nothing that impressed you but my car. I found pics of you and chris and you're both smaller than me but were quick to bag my ideas. but whatever....that's how this website has become. Say and supposedly do the usual dogma that you guys preach and all is well,step outside that box and get bagged by people like you and chris that have yet.

to build the body you supposedly know how to build. You are holding others to a standard you haven't set for yourself. I have a feeling you might be a decent guy,but remember,your only input to me was criticism,nothing to help. And sort of smartass. And you give advice on building arms when you have small arms. Chris,however,when I asked about his progress last year siad well I guess I was hard on you bet I am glad you took it well...then admitted without saying so that he made less progress.

That is the very thing I have a problem with.....expect others to make great progress,but not yoyurself. Anyway. I have improved since the last callout pic chris criticized from 6 months ago....but I whatever,I don't see him posting any of himself showing his progress during the same time frame. Anyway,whatever. I am done now. Have fun


For whatever that's worth, since I didn't answer when you asked, I added right around an inch to my arms within 6 weeks, by only doing what I suggested in that thread. That was: do 15 bar curls, add 10 lbs, another 15, add 10 lbs, another 15 (if you can), then drop to the starting weight and do another 15. 3x a week. Increase the weights once you hit 15 for the top set.

It's a routine I "borrowed" from Magnus Samuelsson. In a relatively short time I got some actual results, so I shared.

Yeah, and that was a dick move on my part. Not nearly as bad as some of the stuff you got in your most recent thread, but still, it's probably not something I would have said these days.

But it was also a year ago. The "attacks" seemed to come from nowhere.

I understand what you're saying, but I'm not sure where you've come up with this idea that I haven't made progress. I'm not sure what you're basing that on.

In the past year, I focused on increased strength in a few lifts (which happened), then spent awhile increasing definition while still improving strength (which happened), and then went back to increasing strength in a few lifts (which happened). All of which is logged.

Additionally, in the last month and a half of the year, I put some focus on increasing arm size (which happened).

That's good to hear.

How have you changed your training now that you've hit a dead end with the Mentzer stuff?


Wow, this thread went sour in a hurry.


we can talk about it on another thread. Take it easy



Yep. I jokingly call out Chris, then shit hits the fans a couple days later.


Gotta love the internet