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Chris Christie


Chris Christie is possibly going to run for president. What do the more politicallly savvy posters think? I like the guy.


Seems like a good candidate. I look forward to learning more about him.



Of course, every red-blooded republican loves Chris Christie!
But, he can't leave NJ without finishing what he started. Plain and simple.
Otherwise his young rock star governorship would fall to waste.
Then he would have nothing to brag about.

Besides, he (and his family) have said 'NO' about 100,000 times over.
If they flip-flopped and said YES, I would lose a lot of respect for him.
He's gotta continue, expand, and solidify the NJ clean-up job he was elected to do!
This POTUS 2012 talk is a wasteful distraction.



The bigger question is "What is it that Conservatives are looking for"?

Because Christie has said "Fuck you...get over it!" to people conservatives may not like (i.e. Public Unions/Teachers Unions, etc.)...and is very blunt when challenged...doesn't automatically make him Presidential material.

When push comes to shove, he actually is "left" on certain issues (he supports gay unions; believes in the human impact on global warming; takes a moderate view on immigration, etc.).

I also don't think his temperament (or temper) would allow him to survive even the GOP primaries, much less a General Election. (Getting compared to Tony Soprano is nothing compared to what he'll face on the campaign trail...yet this set him off on a tirade...)

And are we to believe that a moderate, in-your-face, North Eastern politician is what Southern Evangelicals are looking for?




No thanks.


Unfortunately, Christie doesn't support gay marriage but he is more open minded than some of the other Republican candidates on gay rights. I would take him over Bachman or Perry in a heartbeat.


Very well said Mufasa. Christie like Perry will look good to the republicans until he jumps in. Perry faded because he had a tough time in the debates as he lacks that type of experience. Christie's uphill battle aside from also having little debate experience is that he has a has record, and other certain beliefs hat would make Romney look conservative.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Christie will not throw his hat into the Presidential ring for a few reasons:

1- He's not quite three years into his term as Governor of NJ.

2- He and those around him understand that he leans center left on social issues and that's not going to be popular in the primary season.

3- He has a very serious weight problem and that alone could prevent him from keeping the torrid pace that the candidates need to keep. Most people don't realize that Presidential candidates are working 16 hour days while sleeping in hotel rooms and eating on the fly.

What Christie might be doing is making himself available for the bottom slot on the ticket. Christie just turned 49 in September that means that he will be 50 years old at election time. He could serve 4 or 8 years under a Romney, Perry, or whomever and only be 58. He would also have that time to reduce his weight and gain a ton of foreign policy experience which is currently his weak suit.

Naturally this is all speculation, but it is fun to speculate that's one of the reasons that we're all on PWI.


IMO he is the only guy who can beat Obama.


Christie said that he does not feel called to run for president. End of story. At least for the 2012 run.

Ultimately, I think that whoever wins in 2012 will go down in flames, regardless of party affiliation. This is why I almost wish Obama would win a second term. The deck is too stacked for anyone to have meaningful success. However, whoever wins the 2016 bid will be set up to look like a hero. We will have hit bottom by then and things will be coming back together nicely.


Soft on illegals, supports "left" leaning gun control measures... No thanks. I'd actually take Perry and I don't even like him.


I like Christie because he's done a lot of decent shit in NJ, and he's also very blunt, which I like.

That being said, he's a NJ Republican - which means he's not a psychotic jesus freak, he doesn't say much about abortion, he doesn't say much about gays, and he's not huge on gun rights (might stem from the fact that he was also the state attorney), and he's never said shit about illegals.

He may be incapable of placating the rest of that moronic party should he put on the national stage, and I think that he understands that. Probably why he's not running.


And therin lies his big problem, FI...he will "have" to take a stand on/address these issues IF he expects to get his party's nomination (IF he runs...)

Again...despite people at events getting on their knees begging him to run; I just don't think that he has either the temperament OR "beliefs" to ever get the GOP nomination.



You mean much like the President faced even before he took the Oath of Office?



I agree. I think if you told him to hold a prayer party for rain, he wouldn't know what to do with you, and if you told him open carry everywhere, he'd remind you what he did for a living.

I like the guy. I've met him a few times, I've seen him speak probably a dozen times, and sat across tables from him. He's a no-bullshit type - which works very well in New Jersey, but would come across as just disrespectful and irritable to everyone else in the nation. Kind of like how I do.

And of course, I'd rather have him stay here because I honestly like him as the governor.


And there's the key to success. His replies should be:

Jesus? Nobody's business but mine
Abortion? Not the Fed's issue
Guns? Covered in the 2nd Amendment
Illegals? What don't you understand about the word "Il-legal"?

He'd be unstoppable.


How quickly it's gone from hope and change to a guy who was doomed to fail.


I've noticed that most who will stand by Obama no matter what revert back to blaming Bush. It would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

But it's not just his die hard supporters it's Obama himself who has blamed Bush on occasion. We basically hire a man to do a job and when he fails he blames his predecessor.

The man deserves to be fired.


I've been wrong in the past a LOT of times, Zeb...but it is my impression that the President will NOT win re-election.

But the facts are there, and its not Obama Boot licking:

1) The economy,especially housing, was taking a free-fall in late 2008, and

2) While Europe was showing signs of trouble, it was not in the mess it is now.

I'm open to know what Bush, McCain, Romney, Cain, Christie or ANYONE would have done...and "Let it all fail and let the "market" take care of it" sounds nice and Libertarian...it simply wasn't an option and is not one now.



To people like you he'd be unstoppable.

To people like me, guns isn't just "covered by the second amendment" and he hasn't shown any particular spite towards illegal immigrants as most Republicans do.

He's a NJ republican, not a mainstream one. This is a handicap for him.


The gun issue is DOA. If we can live with Obamawitz for four years and our guns have not been touched we can certainly live with Christie. The gun lobby is so strong that guns are a non issue. Christie would make a great candidate and I'm as conservative as they come. Would I rather have someone else? Maybe, but I like Christie. Hey...I like anyone who can beat Obama. And if you think Conservatives are thinking anything else--You're wrong! And that is one reason why I told you a several weeks back that Romney being a Mormon is a non issue with the right. Whatever Romney is, Obama is viewed as worse.

I guarantee you that any legitimate candidate will get the support of the right wing of the republican party. Legitimate defined as being able to beat Obama.