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Chris: Biotest and the Arnold

Chris: You mentioned that as a company, “Biotest” would not be attending, or have a booth, at “The Arnuld”.

Will you be having a contributor submitt a report on the weekend’s festivities? That would be cool!

Yes, I’m sure we will. Probably Ron Harris.

I must have missed that comment. How come Biotest isn’t going this year?

There was a mix-up with our reservations and basically it became just a big pain in the butt trying to fix everything. So we just didn’t want to mess with it. Keep in mind that T-mag/Biotest is a small group of dedicated people, not a super corp like Met-Rx or EAS who just hires a bunch of people to be there. (I did think it was funny however that our booth was as big as EAS and Met-Rx last year and Arnold stopped to talk to us first. I’m guessing he only stops at the booths that spend a lot of dough however.) Anyway, time spent on the Arnold means time not spent on new articles, interviews, the paper mag, new supplements etc.

BTW, given the time, effort and big bucks involved with one of these shows, you’d think they would increase business. T-mag’s popularity and Biotest sales continue to rise, but they did not rise any faster after the Arnold last year. There was no “spike” in hits, although we still get around a million a month. So shutting down and going (not to mention spending over 100 grand) hardly seems worth it.

Still, the shows are fun and it’s great to meet all the readers, so I’m sure we’ll go next year or the year after. Several contributors will be there this year though, even though we won’t have a booth. (I won’t. I’m hoping to use my travel time for some more investigative reporting, a la “The Two Faces of Juarez”.)