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Chris Benoit Had Brain Damage


News flash, (Chris Benoit didn't murder his family because he was on steroids. It was discovered to be sever brain damage from multiple concussions). -CNN

Steroids don't make you insane or a murderer.


I haven't been following this case for a while. Are they actually say he had brain damage? While it wouldn't surprise me, multiple concussions would be highly unlikely to sway someone towards murdering their family.


It was a set up, Benoit and McMan had disagreement with a contract. If you have Billions you can make anyone look like a murder/suscide...Moneytalks and Juice Rocks


Too bad this discovery is not getting as much publicity as the fact that he was on steroids.


They have not actually made a hard and fast connection with this being causative to the murders, but the doctor presented evidence of brain "damage" caused by multiple concussions. They stained sections of his brain with a dye specific to a protein that is present when brain cells are stressed, damaged or dead. The pathology looks similar to people with Alzheimer's disease.

Steroids did not cause him to commit murder. Neither did brain plaques. He was a troubled man with mental torment. Only an insane person at the end of their rope would murder their spouse and child.

IMO, I think they are looking for a physical cause for a psychological problem.

And no matter the outcome, the media will continue to demonize steroids.


of course not, we can't demonize sports with a risk of head injuries.



Apparently there is at least a little something to this allegation.


Glad that they've finally cleared that up. Maybe now Nancy Grace will quit bitching about how steroids killed the mom and child ( I HATE NANCY).

Did they ever find out what hapened with the wikipedia thing? Who put that up info on wikipedia before it happened?


So your saying wrestling does?


Illuminati BottomLine


With all of that brain damage, damage to the pituitary gland could easily wreck the HPTA as well as other major hormone systems. So he could have really required TRT for something like that, but the path report suggested T levels about 10 times normal.


That makes a heck of a lot more sense than 'roid rage.


When I saw them talking about it on Fox News the "reporters" STILL said steroids and roid rage as often as they could get it out of their mouths. Hopefully this fades away and they can let it go.


Well-said, Yo Momma.


dirty99, your avatar cracks me up! I can't take anything you're saying seriously, lol...


I bet we can get everyone on these forums to agree to one thing. Nancy Grace is a stupid cunt who needs a good ass-fucking.

With the wikipedia thing, was that just a inter-rumor or what?


It was due to all those stupid flying head butts he used to do off the top rope to try and win a match lol!!!

Stupid! he would be winning the match, and just had to climb the top rope, and knock himself out on his opponents chest.

Lost a lot of matches that way, and ultimately his marbles!


He may have lost all those things, but at least Chris Benoit gained a soft, squishy place in all of our hearts.

P22, how did your August comp go?