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Chris Benoit Biopic In The Works...



Seriously? Does anyone see this as being done in extremely poor taste? I'm sure it will be incredibly interesting and all but this is going to ruffle some feathers I do believe. It might be the kind of thing that Vince McMahon puts a lot of money into trying to bury.


I'm not sure it is in poor taste, I think the effects of multiple brain injuries(big and small) is not talked about enough and they happen during many sports not just during pro wrestling(I don't see it as a sport it's a performance). Hopefully they do that particular topic justice.


Meh, it's just natural to make movies about Canadian Killers.

You ever watch Karla?


^ eh. Canadian killers only kill 2/3rds of as many people as US killers (or whatever the exchange rate or metric conversion is).


Sadly I doubt it, the movie will just go "teh roids are bad 'mmkay", instead of looking at not just the anabolics but the pressure he was put under to suceed, the depression of his best friend dying(Eddie Guerro), and the head traumas and numerous injuries. If one good thing can come out of this tragedy and the suicide deaths of the NHL players over the summer is that head injurues are no joke and maybe we as "fans" need to realize what these people put their bodies through


The cover of the book has left me hanging.


Yes it is in poor taste. I see them trying to emulate The Wrestler .


Even they are labelling as poor taste it still caught my interest.