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Chris Armes' Log


Ok, so a little background on me before we begin.

My powerlifting career started back in March of 2009, when I began training with Clint Harwood (The first man in Canada to ever Bench Press over 800 lbs) in his gym, The Anvil. I started off as a Bench Only lifter and, with only 3 months of Powerlifting training, set a National Record (230kg) in the 125kg Teen weight class in my first meet. This lift exceeded the AWPC World Teen Bench Only record, but was set at a local meet, and therefore could not claim the record.

In September 2009, my college football career came to an end due to injury, and I became further involved in Powerlifting. My first full meet was at the CPO Ontario Championships, where in the 140kg Teen class, I set a further 4 National Records. I totaled 795kgs, narrowly missing an AWPC Teenage Elite total in my first full meet.

On May 9th, 2009, even despite a poor showing due to complications from a weight cut, I set 3 AWPC World Records, 3 CPF Amateur Open Records and 4 CPF Amateur Junior records, as well as posting my first AWPC Elite total, just missing a WPC Elite total by 24kgs. Hitting only my opening squat attempt, I totaled 886kgs, with a 341kg squat, 272.5kg bench press and a 272.5kg deadlift.


May 17, ME Squat

Experimenting with some heavy band tension, so I'm working on a slightly different schedule than the rest of the Anvil crew. Due to space limitations, only the main lifts are done at the Anvil, with assistance work done on a different day later in the week (depending on work schedule)

Gear: Loose Predator Briefs
Box height: 1-2" above parallel

55lbs Bar + Blue Band x 3
80kg + Blue Band x 2
bar + Blue & Purple band x2
80kg + Blue & Purple Band x 2
100kg + Blue & Purple Band x 2
140kg + Blue & Purple Band x 2
140kg + Blue & Purple Band x 2

Added ACE Squat suit, removed box

180kg + Blue & Purple Band x 1
210kg + Blue & Purple Band x 1
230kg + Blue & Purple Band x 0

Deadlift: Skipped. After slicing the pad off of my right ring finger at work, decided to rest my hand a bit and not pull for a couple days :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all a good return to training after the meet. Deciding right now between CPF Provincials in December (more cost effective) vs. Lexen Fall Classic in October (More costly, but lets face it... far more awesome) as my next meet.


May 18

Bench at the gym is one of those ridiculously low benches, so I had no legdrive or arch. took about 30 seconds rest in between each, so reps near the end got much lower than i expected

Military Press

7, 7, 1

Wrists started flaring up, so I called it a day. Got home and draged tire sled for two trips of about 150yards.


I've decided to start doing something resembling cardio again. its been a while, but considering I;m hoping to land a sponsorship with a company here in Ontario that focuses on bodybuilders, perhaps not being a lard-ass would help :stuck_out_tongue:

2x 4 mins each

1st set: Jumping jacks and Mountain Climbers
2nd set: Burpees and Heavy bag fluries

Fuck Cardio... :stuck_out_tongue:


Just tell her that there's more of you to love the way you are, haha.

Is Clint still competing? I haven't seen him post here in a while.

Lifts look strong, btw.


haha, yeah clint is still lifting. he's doing full power now, which is pretty cool.


May 20th

Did some geared squats, straight weight. worked up to about 330kgs. kept it fairly light still.

Worked on finding a temporary bench shirt until I can get a better one.

May 21st

Found a semi-trailer tire about 300yards from my place, so did a 300 yard tire flip session, going as far as i could, then resting until ready to go again.

Later on:
Tabata sledgehammer swings

flips: 10 sets of 10


What up chris. Workouts looking good man.


Hey danny boy. Thanks man, im in that transition phase between meets, though that will soon end, now that i'll have gear again :P. when are we gonna see you back at the Anvil?


Soon, i'm just working on my raw strength right now before I jump into gear again. I'm really hoping for that 700 squat this year so i'll be back at the anvil soon enough.


good plan dude. Its hard trying to train raw there, when whoring it up is just so much more fun :stuck_out_tongue:




Last week of heavy tension. since im down a full pants size since i started this diet (Yeah, i lose weight fast) i did all of this in my preds and ace squatter

May 24

25kg Bar + Blue Band x 3
25kg Bar + Blue & Green x1
80kg + Blue & Green x1
110kg + Blue & Green x1
130kg + Blue & Green x1
160kg + Blue & Green x1
180kg + Blue & Green x1

Kept it fairly light and easy since I didn't know how my body would react after the last week or so of low carbs.

Sumo rack pulls
Just below the knee

125kg x5
175kg x3
225kg x1
275kg x1

stopped there, popped the same thing in my right hand that i did at Nationals. gonna ice it and see what happens

Next week, i'll be back benching mondays and squatting thursdays with my crew. Ive been on an alternate schedule so as not to slow down the guys with having to put on/take off bands. plus my new Ace briefs and Shirt will be here.


May 25

Didn't sleep at all last night. Got home a little late and didn't take my Sleeping pills. by the time i remembered, it was 3 am and i was still wired, so i said fuck it and got up. Gonna skip RE bench today, just did some light GPP work instead

2 circuits Tabata sledgehammer strikes

Little bro came home and wanted to flip the tire around. So he did Max effort flips, and I did mine as conditioning
10x10 tire flips


New Metal Ace Briefs and Shirt just arrived! can't wait to start the break-in process.


May 27
First session in new ACE briefs.
Weight down a little even since Friday when I ordered them, so they went on real easy
(used combo of kilo and lbs plates, so numbers in lbs with conversion & rounded)

Briefs on

Suit on, straps loose
685x1 (high)

Competition Strap set-up
775x1 (high)

Suit off

Everything felt real good. 2nd suited squat session in a week probably drained me more than i expected, though the Ace/Ace combo looks very promising, even though i've lost some weight


May 31

Started break-in process of new Metal Ace Shirt.
Sleeves are WAYYY too loose (stupid disproportionately small upper arms!) so i'll need to get her tightened up.

did 4 sets of 3 at 405. went to about 2-1.5board height. When I hit the groove it flew like an empty bar, and when i was off it flew up like a bar with a little weight on it :stuck_out_tongue: gonna take it down to Northbound to get it tightened up, and should be fun. All said, I am very impressed with the shirt so far


June 3

Just me and Clint tonight, and with Clint doing raw, we decided to try something a little different.

Reverse Blue band Squats
Gear: Ace Briefs
130kgx1 (way high)
180kgx2 (Mike Miller Depth)
230kgx2 (Donnie Thompson depth)
280kgx1 (In the neighbourhood of depth)
330kgx1 (Depth)
Done with about 2 mins rest in between each set, so a fair bit faster than our usual rotation

Bands off Suit on
280kgx1 (Just above depth)
330kgx1 (Slightly high)
360kgx1 (High and ugly)

Sumo Pulls

Called it a night. Not too too bad all in all.


Nice lifting. I still can't believe I just read that Clint is lifting raw. Next thing you know you're going to tell me he's Canadian.


Haha, well Clint wasn't squatting raw by choice, Ginny has his canvas for alterations. and he's not just canadian, he's an Albertan... they're a whole different breed of canadian :stuck_out_tongue: