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Chris Angel

I’ve gotten into watching his show lately. This guy is just amazing with the stuff he can do. I just saw the show where he lifted the car. Any thoughts?

I want to know how he does all those tricks. This calls for Fox to do another Magic Secrets Revealed show. That kicked ass.

He obviously didn’t really lift the car. Double overhand grip, no belt, no chalk, no straps. Claiming it at over 2000 lbs (double the world record). I think he is a toolbox.

I was thinking the same thing. Earlier in the show he struggled with the front end of a Ford Focus!

He’s juussstttt a little over-the-top. I love the fake drama from his supporting crew when he is doing a trick. “He’s not going to make it”…“He’s gonna kill himself”…“Someone stop the trick before he dies”…then boom! He emerges from the trap…barely escaping death.

What a douche monkey!

David Blaine was much more entertaining and a lot less corny.

[quote]SWR-1222D wrote:
David Blaine was much more entertaining and a lot less corny.


Well I think the show is great, I’d love to see it in person.

[quote]SWR-1222D wrote:
David Blaine was much more entertaining and a lot less corny. [/quote]

Criss Angel is more of a magician then David Blaine ever was. I don’t want to put down Blaine, but there are a lot more skilled, and more entertaining magicians out there. What makes his specials is less him, and more of the reactions of the people to what he is doing. That is the big difference of his show. To a magician this is one type of applause.

I met the person who was first given the idea for David Blaine’s show, and he put it off, so it was offered to Blaine. He is kicking himself in the ass now. Anyway this guy (Gregory Wilson) is amazing, and a lot more entertaining.

Now Angel has a great stage show, and all of his public stuff are really stunts to get people interested in his stage show. Kind of an idea stolen from Houdini.

I should point out that the older guy in his band of “freaks”, is Johnny Thompson, also known as “The Great Tomsoni”. (And Company.) I am actually more impressed seeing him connected with this show.

Now as far as street magic, what you see on tv really is not street magic. There are plenty of magicians who make a living performing on the street, and it usually does not involve going up to people, but getting people to come to you. Often it is creating a big enough crowd then passing the hat around. Takes a lot of skill and showmanship.

One problem with magic on television is that it never translates very well. People see amazing things on television all the time, so seeing magic on television is no different to most people. But when you see a live performance, the coins you just inspected change places with a wave of the magician’s hands, or the card in your hand changes while your holding it, now that is impressive. And unfortunately there is no way of transferring that onto the television.

New Orleans still has about 5/6 street magicians.(permits are required now) Those guys are truly awesome. Levitating, “light as a feather tricks” where they lift a person w/ 2 fingers.And the usual array of other tricks. I always thought the ones on t.v. are hokey, it’s nothing to cut away an do what is nesc. to make something seem real.Seeing it in person is what makes magic truly awesome, regardless if it is fake or whatever a person wants to belive.

I love Mind Freak. I just hate when his brothers start whinning like little bitches before every stunt. Hyping up the trick and pretending like this is the one that’s finally going to kill him…give me a break.

i liked it till he went to the muay thai place and talked about him training… just didn’t buy it.