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'Chostocondritus' Pain

ok, well i went snowboarding for the first time (which i will never do again) i was really sore the next day, and had pain in my chest, i figured it was just soreness. I hit chest hard that night. I went to the doctor after 5 days of this pain in my chest that would NOT go away. he did x-rays and said everything was fine.

He did say i strained the cartiledge in my upper rib under my chest, either from snowboarding or hitting chest monday. I lifted legs the next day, and the pain was still there, he said it would be gone soon. i took 2 days off from the gym, which deffinetly helped.

When i went back after 2 days of rest the pain was right back, its getting really annoying now. Its been 2 weeks now with the sharp pain still there. does anybody know anything i can do? Thanks

Check out your thoracic mobility, if this is lacking your cartilage will not be able to heal as your ribs articulate at both your front and your back.

May have been one of the causative factors.