Chosing Weight Class for Meet

i currently weigh 175 and do not know if i should go ack down to the 164 weight class and probably win that again with ease or should i just stay in the 181 weight class and just see how i do at the meet in that class?

Do you care about winning the meet or not?

Cut weight if you want to win at powerlifting, compete at 181 if you don’t care. This is about your priorities.

Are you in a position to do any of the following:

break national/word record(s)
win a best lifter award
total elite
become nationally ranked

…or some other distinction? If not, there really isn’t much of a point to cutting 10 pounds. Just go in at whatever you weigh, and lift heavy shit.

well my school has banners that they put ur name on if you win and i won last year after starting the team and i want to will again but not sure if i should take on the chalange of not knowing how im going to place in the 181 wight class

So this is just a high school thing? Just go in at whatever you weigh and lift some heavy shit.

its high school. massachusetts powerlifting