Chosing a Goal - Overweight

I see similar questions posted but usually people are a bit smaller and not quite as overweight as I am.

I am 32, 6’ and currently 280 or less. When I started working out a month ago I was about 290-295. The first few weeks I was really cutting the calories but as I started hitting it harder my energy during my weight workouts was taking a hit so I started adding a few more calories till I found a good balance of not over eating yet giving my body the fuel it was calling for.

Last time I got on the scale I was 280 with 30% BF, that was on 5/1, only plan on checking it once a month.

My question is when you are as obese as I am is it possible when you start working out to gain strength and lose fat at the same time? My assumption is yes considering how things have been going but my assumption is that at some point I will need to make the choice of further cutting the fat or packing on muscle.

So I guess my question is there a certain BF% at which I will probably need to make that choice?

If I were not in the situation where my weight/BF% was not a health issue I would be less concerned losing the weight as I am not trying to get cut just trying to get health after sitting on my but for the past 10 years.

hmmm, a few diets…

The T-Dawg Diet

The Get Shredded Diet

The Quality Mass Diet

The Quality Mass Diet is one i particularly like and am soon going to follow…

The MRP Diet

The Athlete Diet

Read them, Learn and read more…
Alot of these diets maybe suitable for you Just need to read them.

once you have found a suitable Diet, you Must Find a suitable Lifting routine.

I do this routine:

Chest - day 1
Shoulders - Day 2
Back - Day 3
Bicep and tricep - day 4
Legs - Day 5
Abs - after every workout

And with my eating properly, I am Building muscle and at same time loosing Alot of Bf…

once i am at a suitable weight in which i can look in the mirror and not be swamped with images of love handles and shit… Then I plan on bulking to about 200 - 230 pounds. (Am currently 183 pounds), But was well over 200 But have Lost Alot of body fat over the last 5 months.

you must find something that will fulfill your goals, But at the same time you Must build the core muscle firstly.

You need a foundation in which to start working from.

Only 1 year ago did i really get off my ass and start working out, Now for past almost 5 months have been on a VERY clean Diet, Lift with all my heart and soul and Do not try to break my diet… coz i gain weight easily…

I suggest Choose a good diet, Lift properly, Take your time till you build some decent Muscle mass, allow your Body fat to decrease…

After that, Bulk. Bulk Till you are Big (But not too much fat), Build Plenty of muscle. then maybe consider cutting.

Till then make your goals to eat right, Get on a Good lifting routine, Find a good protein supplement, And goto the Begginers Section and read up alot… It is VERY useful.

I for 1 have learnt more from the begginers section than i have learnt from other various sources.

hope i could help… if not…
I tried :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s Dont be afraid to ask any of the guys for advice, But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do read the begginers section… you will find many answers to your doubts and much more…

Chad Waterbury has many good workout routines btw :wink: just a tip.

Are you a begginer.

Good Article read up

There is a point at which you will have to start focusing on fat loss or muscle/strength gain to get optimal results. The good news is that you are no where near it (and really, this is a blessing).

As an overweight beginner, with a solid diet including proper nutrient partitioning, sufficient calories (not too hypocaloric as you’ve already realized how much fun that is), you will be able to lose fat, add lean mass, and put weight on the bar with regular consistensy for the next several months (at least 6 or so maybe even 9 or more).

Keep in mind that to keep progressing you will need to periodically re-adjust your calories to your new slimmer weight, use deloading weeks, occassionally take breaks from dieting, and change up your training program.

With stellar nutrion you can juice this all around progress for all it’s worth to get down to ~15% bf or less, and then start making decisions on what you want to focus on.

The answer is yes.

If you clean up your diet and read up through the links provided along with absorbing and institutionalizing good eating habits and regular exercise you can make some dramatic strength and weight-loss gains 3-6 months depending on how efficient you are and how much you bring to the table.

Generally you want to focus on strength while adding some cardio. As you get in better shape the quality of your cardio will rise and so will the quality of your lifts.

Cardio specific:

If your that out of shape even at full intensity you won’t be able to fully utilize your body and the fat will limit your range of motion and initially add a lot of stress to your joints, BUT as you lose weight gain muscle and make that mind muscle connection you will feel better and better overtime.

Good luck.

Thanks that helps. I figured there was some point at which I would need to make a choice and know where that is will keep me focused till them. Not sure where I will go when I get there, but my guess is that I will choose to bulk up for a year or so.

I have a pretty good frame, not a hard gainer and have always wanted to pack the muscle on to see what i look like, just took me 32 years to put all the pieces together.