Chopping Meat?

What is the fastest way? I have thought about a food processor, but I was wondering if this would give me the same results as a blender. I also do not know if a food processor can handle boneless steaks. If you guys have any ideas on this, please let me know!

Thank you.

Foods processors are great and IMO for meat would be better than a blender. If looking to make hamburger get a Meat grinder.

“Hes been in jail for 9 years… He’d sleep with a meat grinder.”

Depends on how you want it chopped. 1-2" cubes of beef can be purchased in 5-25kg bags. The same goes for shredded and sliced beef.

I have a really cool set of knives, and butcher all of my own meat when I’m cooking for holidays or large dinners.

(I’m trained as a chef)

The knives are “Global” brand, and they are (incidentally) the ones Patrick Bateman used in the movie “American Psycho”.

I’ll second a meat grinder for hamburger. I bought a small hand operated one for about $50.00CDN (maybe less I forget right now). I use it to grind up some caribou every now and then (only a pound or two at a time). If you are doing any large amount of grinding you’d probably be better off looking at electric models.

The Shun 8 inch chef’s knife. Blade is a core of SG2 powdered metal that’s hardened to 64-66 Rockwell (compared to the 56-58 Rockwell of most kitchen knives). Then two layers of SUS410-a softer stainless steel that provides strength, flexibility and corrosion protection. Hand wash. Comes with a Lifetime warranty. If it goes dull, send it in and they sharpen it for you. That is really the only draw back as I see it. It’s folded steel so it requires “special” sharpening. Although in the 3 years I have had mine it has yet to become dull.

Cuts through the thickest of meat as if it were butter. Beef, lamb, chicken, buffalo, everything. It’s more like a scalpel then an kitchen knife. Best kitchen tool I own. I picked mine up a Sur La Table in Kirkland WA (took a bunch of cooking classes there) I am told you can get them at Bon home stores too.