Chopping Chicken Breast Quickly

I was just curious if there are any food processors / grinders that yall use on your chicken breast.

I would love to find an electric chopper that I could put in 5lb of baked chicken and come out with 5lbs of cubed/sliced/shredded chicken. I know this is supper lazy, but hey, Time is money.



What are you using to cut with, a butter knife?
Get a sharp blade ffs.

Good knives and a honing steel should be part of every meat lover’s arsenal. Check out a restaurant depot or distributor for the best deal. You could also try chilling the meat awhile in the freezer until it firms up a bit (not until it freezes mind you cause frozen meat sucks). This makes working with it a lot easier especially for thin, even slices.

Start watching late night shopping they are always selling knives and stuff.

Invest in a nice pair of food scissors. You’re welcome.

[quote]dnlcdstn wrote:
Invest in a nice pair of food scissors. You’re welcome.[/quote]

scissors ftw for almost everything

Great suggestion! I have some kitchen shears ordered.

kitchen shears are key when i cook my lobster tails.

Cutco scissors will cut anything… awesome for chicken.

I like to cook it first then cut it up. Its easier to cut. A good cutting board and a sharp knife are helpful.