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Choosing Your Screen Name?


How did you choose your screen name?

Just curious... Mine is pretty self- explanatory.

GAL Scavenger Hunt
GAL Scavenger Hunt

I'm into some Goth stuff (though I'm finding I like punk a little more) and I was born in 1977.


I couldn't think of a halfway amusing name so just stuck with my dullarse name of birth.


Well protean means to change shape, and I went from quite round to people thinking im juicing. I also like Greek mythology, and Proteus was a sea god who could change shape at will.


I'm wide.


My band's name is Lost In Thought.


x- mathematical variable

zen- you can google that one

nova- most destructive force in the universe/ Exploding star


I used to be bandgeek (I think you can figure it out). Now I'm Fonebone because growing up I was a big fan of the Don Martin cartoons from the old Mad magazine.


I travel about 150k miles a year or most of the time.


Slipknot inspired. Has something or other to do with lyrics that helped me through some shit a while back.


A nickname that stuck...


It's an old name from high school, I played lacrosse and I was pretty laid back. My other name is stochastic, I use that at work. That's the kind of math I do on the job, so I figured it was appropriate


Was new to the Internet forum experience and when I decided to sign up on the spur of the moment couldn't think of anything.

I had just read an article on Elk hunting and was thinking of my hunting plans for the upcoming year and viola.


I am a male computer analyst; I guess that says it all

geek boy


"New Damage" is track 12 from Soundgarden's album "Badmotorfinger". Favorite band, favorite song, and its been in the background for almost every deadlift PR.

And its just a fucrappin' sweet title!


Makkun is the nickname I got when I lived in Japan. In Japanese you add a "-kun" to a boy's name, and a "-chan" to a girl's name. So if I were a girl I'd be Machan...



Profession and clean-date


Hmmm.. I live on an island in the caribbean, and my only source for workout/strength training is the Nation!


Dude, I like your avatar. Is that a housecat pouncing on a 2 yr old?


My aunt & her fam used to live in Okinawa. They called my cousin Bobby-san.

Is it regional?