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Choosing When to Take My AI


I have been on HRT for about 6 months and have been trying to dial in all levels. My big challenge has been around E2 which I seem to keep overshooting one way or the other. I know a key factor with levels is the timing of the blood test but that also shows you the extremes.

Currently I take 80mg test twice a week for a total of 160mg. I also inject 300 units of HCG 2 times a week on the day before my test injections. So Test is on Mon and Thu and HCG is on Sun and Wed. I have been experimenting with my AI and for the last 3 months have been using Liquidex. My last blood test I was using anastrozole and had E2 of 36 when taking 2.5mg/week.

Currently I am taking Luidex at .5mg each day for a total of 3.5mg/week. My goal was to see E2 levels at around 22 given the amount of increase in dosing. But I also know when and how much I take at a time also affects the swings.

I just got labs back which were taken in Thu after I took my Liquidex but before my test shot. I was surprised to see E2 of 10 (Labcorp). I am pretty sure that this reflects one of the lowest levels of the week and that it likely is higher on the day or two after an injection, but I surely donĂ¢??t want to have it that low ever. I am wondering if it makes sense to dose with Liquidex as follows:

    Mon         Tue         Wed         Thu         Fri         Sat         Sun

Test 80mg 80mg
HCG 300u 300u
AI .5mg .4mg .3mg .5mg .4mg .3mg .2mg

For travel reasons I like the above injection schedule. When i do travel i just don't take the HCG. My idea is that this would more closely match the half-life of the test and the liquizole it also takes down my total AI from 3.5mg to 2.6mg per week.

Does this make sense or does anyone have a better idea?



Your formatting is all jacked up in your table, but if i were you I would just take my AI MWF in divided doses and call it a day...chase symptom alleviation, not lab numbers...you can spend all day mentally masturbating and sweating the small stuff, but in the big scheme it probably wont make a bit of differenc ein how you FEEL


You're right. Looks good when I edit it but not displayed. Just trying to avoid tracking EOD test shots and 2x week are working well except for metering the AI.

My table showed taking Test Mon and Thu and Liquidex Mon.5, Tue .4, Wed .3, Thu .5, Fri .4, Sat .3, Sun .2.

Seems likely my E2 is probably okay around the day I take my shots but taking .5mg every day is sucking out too much E2 after a couple of days.


Yes your plan is probably fine...you are probably getting more spike in E2 from the HCG than the Test, so you may want to move all those AI doses back a day to correspond with higher doses on your hcg days....but like I said before, its probably minimal in effect


FWIW, I take my T on M/Th. I do my hcg and AI on T/Th/Sa. Makes it easier to keep up with.


I always take my AI right after I inject. Is this the wrong approach?