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Choosing the Right Weights

not sure if i am asking a question or just making a statement.

When im doing certain lifts i will get to a certain poundage which feels very appropriate for me to be handling, something i can do 3-5 reps with, not too heavy, not too light,

If i try to add a few more pounds , its heavy enough where my technique is a bit too shitty and im not fast enough

Take the weight off again and im producing good, fairly clean looking, fast reps , while still being a challenge,

Im unsure if i make good gains from doing alot of heavy singles, i get this notion that they dont quite stimulate me in the same way.

If you are going for size then definitely do a few more reps than just singles as the muscles generally respond better to that longer time under tension. If you are going for strength 3-5 reps is a good spot to be doing singles and such will help as well. Nothing prepares you for singles like singles.

I think singles for deads are crucial. 3-8 reps is what I use for bench and squat. but my total rep ranges always add up to 30-38 reps. Example 10 sets of 3,8 sets x4,7sets of 5 etc.)

Are you following any kind of program at all?

This is an interesting question. IMO I think that doing singles is somewhat overrated. I am a major advocator of practice how you compete, but I am not sure singles produce the best training stimulus. I think everyone is obviously unique, but for me, I make far better strides doing 2-6 rep sets for 4-7 sets, almost always straight weight.

I have tried training predominantly singles, but I just find that I make no gains training where weights either need to be too high on the intensity bracket (>90%) or where I just need to do a million singles or don’t feel trained at all. Also, lack of any form of time under tension makes it difficult for a natural lifter to maintain a large, lean size (assuming you are a big guy for your height).

At any rate, if you try mixing up singles let us know how it works.