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Choosing the Right Split

Ive been through the 5x5 program a lot , and have honestly seen no results in anything but my legs. i feel as if my body responds well to higher rep ranges / “bodybuilding” rep ranges. My main goal is purely aesthetics , and i have a physique show coming up in april. Is there a specific routine you would recommend for my goals ? the 5x5 is just not working anymore , and it is far from enjoyable.

6’1 - 195lbs
Bench - 200lbs
Squat - 255lbs
Deadlift - 365lbs

Have a go at one of the meadows programs available on this site for free. That should get you to a good spot.

Curious these were the numbers you were quoting in Feb in another post you did down below…

Monday: Chest / Back / Abs
Incline Flyes:

  • 3x10
    Bench Press:
  • 5x3 (265 - Pause)
  • 2x5 (255 - Pause)… And its dropped down to 200lbs and your 10 lbs heavier now?
    Incline DB Bench:
  • 3x6-10
    Machine Pullovers:
  • 4x10-12
    Wide Grip Pull-Ups:
  • 3xAMRAP
    Barbell Bent Over Row:
  • 3x8-10
    Cable Row:
  • 3x10
    Decline Crunches:
  • 3x10

sooo… did your bench take a crap since then ? considering doing 255 paused for 5 would have put you near a 300 touch and go single rep on it

change your goals I take it?

i did take a crap. Stopped consistently working out from around april to june-july. Crazy how fast you can fall out of shape. Also had been around 210lbs when benching that. Still joining the marines , but i am incorportaing long distance runs and sprint at least twice a week to help me prepare for the PFT.

You said 185 in the post I mentioned

I have good results with hard routines(5x5,8x8) but only doing it for few weeks and then switch to easy full body training in order to let my body rest little bit. Same routine for a long time and especially hard one is not a way to go. There must be some balance.

why not?