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Choosing The Correct Supplements?


Ok everyone now that I have my nutrition plan set in stone and proper, I have one final question.

The supplements that I'm interested in are:

Flameout fish-oil : to be taken at breakfast

Surge Recovery: post workout

Metabolic Drive low carb super protein shake: before bed

Metabolic Drive Complete: breakfast

Metabolic Drive bars: in case I don't have time to prepare a meal or have a sweet tooth, don't plan on using them very often (any comments on these bars? Lately I have been enjoying snickers and or powerbar chocolate peanut butter 23g protein 19g sugar)

Am i going to be using these supplements properly? Is there one that I don't need? What are you comments/suggestions.


You don't NEED any of these supplements. Fish oil is good for you, but nothing that you NEED.
Hint: It is called a SUPPLEMENT.
You can get all those nutrients from whole food. Only reason to use supplements are laziness or no time to prepare food surrounding workout. But NEED, no....


My issue is far from laziness but a lack of time. If there is something I could use before bed that would be just as good or better then one of those supplements, then fill me in. Same goes for the morning.


That's a bit more than I usually do, but it's along the same lines.
I'd say the PWO drink is the most important.
Fish oil is good, keeps the joints happy.
Some kind of protein supplement is probably inevitable if you want a high protein intake but you're pretty busy with work, school, etc.


So I will but it down to fish oil, Surge Recovery, and which Metabolic Drive should I choose?


Yes you had it right Id prob have the fish oils away from breakfast for a few reasons youll likely be having a good dose of fiber as well your running on empty and they are likeyl to be burnt as fuel and not able to be used in the body.

Other then that kosher.

If you choose between one of the Metabolic Drives the low carb is more versatile allowing you to add things.



They'll do the jobs. I would substitute more whole unprocessed food in. In place of those powders.

I would disagree. Of all of the supplements on the market fish oil, in my view, is damn near essential. Its a macronutrient, a fat, just like "foods" such as olive oil or other macronutes like sugar. Yet, unlike proteins and sugars fish oil has unique benefits that can't be duplicated by other fats. Mainly as it fixes imballances of our diet. So i would say you DO NEED IT. I would ditch protein powder before i ditched the fish oil.


Agreed with the other posters about getting food in first, but assuming you are doing that...
I'd go with the low carb because you can add to it to make it a daytime meal replacement but you can't really subtract from the complete to make it a night time meal. Make sense?


This plan is very similar to what I use daily.

Don't mind the food nazis. Obviously organic, unprocessed food is great, but people who have careers, families, and other demands on their time can benefit from smart use of supplements.

By the way, Metabolic Drive Complete is great for breakfast and other times of the day. I think it's one of Biotest's most under rated products b/c so many people are on the low-carb kick.

Metabolic Drive Bars are much better for your physique than Snickers or Power Bar.


Metabolic Drive complete is an excellent choice as it is designed as a complete meal sustitute. no need to add or subtract.



it sounds like you have a decent plan. the supplements are being utilized correctly. one thing to consider is some creatine with the Surge. it has many benefits, recovery, performance, and health wise and is very cheap.

the Metabolic Drive bars here are much better than the ones you listed and taste as good. i find i eat the box in a day or two so i have had to stop purchasing them. you can also use either of the Metabolic Drive as part of snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

i have been adding macadamia oil to my shakes and supplementing CLA, fish and borage oil. this is quite close to the Flameout which is an excellent product (as are the rest).


If you read all I wrote instead of quoting out of context, I said that you can get all those nutrients from whole food, including fish oil. Eat more fish.


Before bed, I would take BCAA. 5 gram, rinse down with water.


agree with phill about the fish oil timing. I seem to be agreeing with him a lot lately. I think that complete is a better meal substitute, and with 8 grams of those carbs as fibre I wouldn't be TOO stressed about having it pre-bed but that's just me. if i could get either of those products I could but it's too hard to get them to australia.

also, i hate fish, which is why i take fishoil. and yes, you CAN get all this stuff from food, most of it isn't artificial, but is it as effective in terms of results / cost / specific benefit to the user? if i liked salmon i'd be happy showing down on it a few times a week but i'm not and fishoil caps are a convenient solution that isn't too pricey for the enormous benefit they have.

anyway, slowly add things in and see how the effect of each individual addition is then get rid of stuff that you think is more trouble than it's worth.


I dont think i was quoting out of context. Yes, omega-3's in fish. Heres a question. How much oil is in the fish? Is it enough to fullfill your needs? What type of fish? because not all fish have the same amount. It might be very difficult to balance out the rest of your diet.

Modern day fat profiles are sqewed in favour of omega-6. So while a few fish in the past might of done the job you would need to eat alot more to fullfill the same goal. Some reports claim that our intake has shifted from a 2 to 1 ratio of o6's to o3's upto 20:1. Thats alot more you need.

It can be very hard to fullfill your optimal nutrition needs. hence the role of processed foods. I just disagree with food purist attitudes.