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Choosing Soccer or Squash?


I have to take a gym class for school (Its silly that even in college they make you take at least two gym classes before you graduate). I'm deciding between soccer and squash. Just looking for opinions.

Inappropriate/borderline racist/unnecessary comments welcomed.


Squash wins. No running instead of a lot of running = you bigger and stronger.


Yeah do squash, never played it though, only raquetball but they should be pretty damn similar and raquetball was pretty fun.


EPIC FAIL + I award you the "I don't know what I am talking about but I still give shitty advices"-medal.

No running? Have you ever played squash? Squash is a very exhausting and demanding sport to play - you run - better sprint - A LOT!

I'd pick squash cause it's really a great sport - soccer isn't bad either... but still - go for squash!


Can't you pick something that puts you near hot chicks?




Both sports are co-ed, and my friend in soccer says there are a bunch of really cute athletic girls in soccer. I scoped out soccer, and it looks like there are a bunch of really cute freshmen girls in the class. My girlfriend is away this weekend, so....

Seems like squash is the consensus. I've played a little before, its pretty bad ass. But in terms of what I am more likely to be playing in the future- any company I end up working for is probably going to have a soccer team rather than a squash league, wouldn't it be best if I get ready? plus i need to trim some fat, and I am currently using WS4SB, so maybe the volume of sprinting in soccer is good?

Unfortunately, I have bad knees, so maybeI should stick to squash?


You don't have any choices other than soccer or squash?


Football - not soccer!

Play football, its an amazing game. Nothing better than striking a sweet shot, or playing a perfect pass. Unless you have the co-ordination of a fruit fly, in which case you'll end up kicking your own legs and falling down.


co-ed team sport for the win!


I like soccer, end of story for me here.


I'm partial to football (soccer) as well. Then again, I've never played squash. Kinda sad to think that the only sports a school offers is squash and soccer.


Play football. That way you can tackle people. They'll be busy playing soccer, and will never see it coming.


nah its not the only sports that the school offers. The school offers like 100+ physical education courses, but most of them are too expensive for me or meet at bad times. I just decided to take yoga. I already play a lot of soccer and nobody plays squash in the real world. Thanks for your input fellas