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Choosing Programs


Hey guys

Just wanted to know your thoughts (authors/editors feel free to chime in) as to which program would suit me to do. For a little background, I play high school basketball and am currently doing Cressey's Show and Go manual. I've been contemplating which program I should follow after I'm done.

Some of my choices:
Ultimate Off-Season Manual

Appreciate your thoughts and conversation. Also feel free to post any programs you feel can benefit!!


How is anyone supposed to know what program you should be doing with the information you gave? How long have you been training? whats your stats? weight? lifts? etc. all we know is the current routine your doing and you play basketball, come on son


OK my fault...

I'm about 5'10, 167 pounds (up from 157 when the season ended at the end of February). I'm at 15-17% body (although this may not be VERY accurate).

I started lifting last summer...I just did this 8-week program I found at STACK.com....but I've never really done A PROGRAM other than the in-season program our coach had us do during the season.

As for lifts, I tested at 165 pounds on the bench after 2 phases of S&G. I can do about 6 CLEAN chin-ups (this is down from 10 during the season but maybe this is due to my increased weight). I deadlift about 235-240 depending on the day. I don't have any squat numbers although during the first phase of S&G I did 165x3 on the front squats.


Also, if it matters, I do have AAU ball for most of the summer
(I'm not sure, but August is possibly free from games and stuff...)


If bodybuilding is more your thing I highly recommend this thread

It's all in the title


Personally id say he'd be better off with a basic strength program i mean there's no point him doing all that volume when he's only deadlifting 235! This guy needs to improve his lifts and his bodyweight will improve with it. Given he's very new to weight lifting there is no point him doing all that work when he can get all the stimulation he needs with a simple program like starting strength 5x5.

Though 5/3/1 is a great routine, id start with one that allows you to add weight in a linear fashion and has you progressing quicker. If for whatever reason you have your heart set on one of the routines mentioned i would look at this article form jim wendler on 5/3/1 for beginners. Personally starting strength 5x5, but this ones good too:


Well, if your goal is athletics plus weight gain, I would suggest either ultimate off season or ws4sb part 3. Put together by ppl who train athletes for a living. Real smart people. On the other hand if your primary goal is bodybuilding, then 5x5 or stronglifts might do the best in the begining to jack up your strength and body weight.


well said. It really depends on your goals, if your gym work is more centered around athletics something by Joe DeFranco, namely ws4sb's would be very good. I guess i didnt take athletics into consideration when recommending your routine.