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Choosing a Power Rack


I am looking at a few different power racks right now and was wondering how to choose the best one as far as quality is concerned?

A few of them have the same options, but different prices. I don't want to get something that will fall apart on me as I start lifting more weight.

Anyone have any input on this?


Mate do yourself a favour and go straight the www.elitefts.com and you can customise exactly what you want. You'll get the best power rack in the business and you'll be able to hand it down to your kids. Ring up Elite and ask for Little Jim Wendler the sales manager and he'll sort you out.


I agree with above if as you stated you are looking for "wondering how to choose the best one as far as quality is concerned?" then your first and only stop should be elitefts.

You are getting what you pay for.

If money stands in the way of quality a bit. nybarbell is another option for a very solid rack at a pretty good price. It is where I got mine.

In the end buy something GOOD that will last forever.



i DO have an elite rack. after a nice run, there is no better way to stretch than with my elite power rack and adjustable bench. then, just before i go inside, i pound out some curls in that mother f*cker just to spite that aerospace fag in colorado.


Well, I have looked at EliteFTS racks in the past but decided against them because of the prices.

Here are the racks I am currently looking at, most of them don't even say their maximum weight, although some have thicker spotter bars than others.

$599 includes dip bar

$499 has more holes for the spotters (price without the lat attachment)


$405 looks like it has the thinnest spotter beams, but it has many holes

$399 many holes, dip bar, thin spotter beams though (priced without lat tower)

$389 33" between posts, 1000lb capcity, dip bars and lat attachment are optional

$379 26" between posts, 1000lb capacity, dip bars and lat attachments are optional

The last two are equal except for the distance between posts, 33" would be better for doing lat rows inside the rack, but 26" will be better for dips.

Any suggestions?


The second NYBB rack with the attachment is the one I have. Its a sturdy SOB and has worked great for me no probs at all.


Oh and it should come with the dip bars the High Low pulley was an addition and I went with the oly plate loaded one.


I know everyone has been recommending Elitefts -- and having ordered one myself, I think they are the best racks available. However, not everyone needs one. I'll break down the advantages/disadvantages:

ELITEFTS.com rack advantages
-- holes up top and bottom for attaching bands (if you don't know what these are for, then you probably don't need it)
-- narrow spacing for doing exact pin presses to work specific bench sticking points
-- high quality construction (these racks are meant for powerlifters, so they will last forever and can handle as much weight as you can lift)
-- disadvantage: high cost
-- disadvantage: shipping (costly and they use a third party, so basically a truck will just come by and drop off the rack -- it's up to you to assemble it and carry it inside the house)

STANDARD POWER RACK (most of the racks you listed seemed to be pretty "standard")
-- suitable for most people, durable enough for the average lifter
-- you can save on shipping by buying local
-- many newer ones have the optional cable attachment, which is convenient
-- disadvantage: durability will be an issue if rack is used frequently and with heavy weights

My suggestion: if you don't need the features of the EliteFTS rack, just get one locally. I've seen similar racks to the ones you listed in my local sporting goods / fitness equipment stores. You will save on shipping that way. Just look for good quality construction (as little plastic as possible).

Also, the thin spot bars are better than the thick lever-activated ones. A lot of newer racks have the lever spot bars because they are easy to adjust, but stick with the solid bars that you have to pull all the way in and out (they will last longer and it's safer for heavier weights).


That helped alot Beefcake, I think I will get one of the NY Barbell racks.

Any other suggestions out there?


Get the Sumo rack from NYBB. The shipping was free and it is very solid. It comes with a 'forever' guarantee. My son and I have been working in this; I trust my kid in it. No more need said.


I have a Body Solid power rack, and I'm satisfied with it. I also paid $264 for it new from Play-It-Again Sports nearly two years ago. It's held up to the abuse from myself and training partners.


I've got the "Titan" power rack from nybarbell. I like it because it doesn't have any cross beams or pull-up bars at the top of it. I can do standing military presses in it and then set it back on the hooks. (I don't have a lifting platform or rubber plates to protect my garage floor.)
Its rated for 1000 pounds and is sturdy. It was not expensive, even after freight charges.


I have a Parabody rack, which is very easily adjustable. The rack pictured is not mine - I would never allow that wallpaper border in my home.

I use two 2x4 studs across the bars for dips.


Not sure if you already bought one but Charles Poliquin has designed one (if not more) and I think it's made by Atlantis?


I've got one of those Body Solid ones too.....it suits my needs and I've never had any problems with it.



If quality is the only conern go elitefts, however they are a bit spendy. I use one from body solid. I like it alot, though I do wish it was about 2" higher (it's 82", I'm 5'10") as I hit the thing a bit when doing military press, and have to tuck my legs some when doing chins.
I have a GHR from Newyorkbarbell, and while it does work, you definitely are getting what you pay for from them. The quality is not that great.