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Choosing a New Program

Hello as the title says, I would appreciate a help to choose a new program, 3 months ago I come running nsuns 5 days. I made good progress, but I think I do not have more linear progression.

The first program that I used was PHAT, the second 4horsemen of Brian Alsruhe and this last nsuns. Im weighting arround 77kg 78kg my height is 173cm.

My Lifts progress in nsuns:

DL 140KGX6 (166rm) to 137.5kg x10 (180rm)

OHP: 40kg x7( 49rm) to 50kg x4( 56rm)

bench: 70kg x5 (80rm) to 70kg x8 (86rm)

In the squat there was no progress due to why I made adjustments with the technique and I had to go back with the weights. But 140kg 1RM

I was looking for a 4 or 5 day program.


Are you wanting a program to make you a better powerlifter, or just something to get bigger and stronger?

I asked that question since this was originally posted in the powerlifting sectionm


Solved by mod.
I do not plan to compete, but I would prefer to focus on gaining strength and not so much size


or this…

That variant of 5/3/1 looks good. I had in mind to do 5’s pro + joker. But I think I’m more convinced by the hardgainer.

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Yeah forget about jokers, Jim has moved away from them in the last couple years. If want a ‘Heavy’ variation can do something like 6 week run of Beach Body Challenge after Hardgainer