choosing a drug/drink that has the fewest side effects

Hey I workout a good bit and have started partying a good bit again…i know that alcohol lowers testosterone levels and marijuana raises estrogen levels…so what is a good drug to party with? I dont wanna do Xstacy because of the fact that it can cause depression later in life…what about GHB…would love to know what people drink or what drugs they do when they party…thanks for all responses.

I drink myself into a stupor and do lines of coke and it hasent affected me yet!

If you’re that concerned, maybe you shouldn’t be doing any of them.

Beer. I drink Beer. Good old fashion beer - and occasionally vodka - nice, tasty Skyy or Absolute Citron. Neat. I also like Whiskey and Scotch.

But I'm in the frame of mind of either I'm gonna drink alcohol or not. I don't do the marijuana - never have. Alcohol is my drug of choice. However, I'm gonna start getting ready for a contest soon, that means alcohol (my precious beer) is out. Just gotta make that choice: do you want to make gains or do you want to party?

Dudde, you could liek totaly do herion and kokane and be grate. I do them all the time and Im grate. I hav realy big mussels to! I even herd that theze drusg create and anabolik ebvironment to, It work for me.

Dude, why do you need drugs/alcahol to have fun at a party? If you want to put your all into building your body, you simply have to give crap like that up.

There is no clear answer to your question. I will not try to talk you out of it, other people on the forum probably will. Instead, I will say that, as usually, your mileage may vary. I have friends that can pop X like candies and feel great during and after roll. I also have a friend who had underlying psychological disorder that emerged on the surface after a single X roll, so he is still fighting psychosis and schizophrenia, 2 years later. Therefore, proceed with caution and remember: there is no drug that does not produce sideeffects whatsoever, it is up to the user to decide if the imposed danger overrides possible fun factor. All things in moderation, I think that’s the proverb…personally, I stay away from alcohol because I simply hate the taste of beer, vine and liquor and hate its effects. I drank a glass of wine half a year ago and a beer two years ago and that’s it for the past five years…

Partying does not exclude gains in many cases. If you are genetically gifted, you can eat close to nothing, train poorly, consume all the drugs you can get and gain more than somebody less genetically gifted,roided to the gills, who devoted whole his/her life to the bodybuilding style of life. IMHO, alcohol is the worst drug of all, including opiates.


A kid from university maryland died b/c he took ghb and mixed it with alchol. then i had to hear about how he died from steroids.

GHB was a body building aid. It promotes the type of sleep that builds muscle. I would say that at recreational levels, it does more bad than good. I party and chill with weed, its a great drug, its safe, not addictive and it increases your appetite.

might try some valiums, im gonna get some soon myself methinks. with ghb or whatever always keep a consistent minimal gap between using, that way use doesnt become habitutual.


Yeah but I do want a social life…i am not leaning up right now…i am working on mass…not to say i should pig out…I think GHB is a good choice…no calories…gives me that euphoria feeling…what do you guys think…plus it increases dopamine levels which increases growth hormone levels…i dunno wanna hear what people have to say about GHB and other party drugs.

From personal experience I find GHB use a reasonable alternitive to alchohol for several reasons.First things first though it has to be used responsibly. I do beleive that this drug can be easily abused.Occasional use is fine but
but it can be extremely addictive.Second do not mix it with alchohol as this can be extremely dangerous.Search the net and do some reasearch for yourself and make an informed decision not one based on “my buddies cousin says” or some other urban myth.Not everyone will agree with yor decision but I know where youre coming from.

Acid, if you can find some clean stuff. No munchies, long lasting high, and it is fun to drive on it. Make sure to take a least three hits, and borrow a motorcycle.

I’ve had some fun with drinking/various drugs in the past, but as a result of getting serious about my training those days are behind me now. However, I came up with a plan that will both benefit my training while making allowances for some partying. Every 8 weeks or so I take a week out of the gym for recovery/to prevent overtraining. Taking a week off has been quite a chore in the past as I find myself feeling lazy and bored, and this week seems to drag on forever. So here’s the plan: confine all drinking and pot smoking to this week. That way I have something to look forward to during the week off and I’ve gotten the urge to party out of my system and I come back to the gym ready to focus.

Actually you stupid fucks lots of big guys that workout alot do drugs/drink…do you motherfuckers not read the articles in this magazine…did you not read the article where the guy went to the mr olympia…he even mentioned the fact that alot of lifters do it…i am actually in pretty good shape and a personal trainer…so fuck off dumbasses…

Coke is fun…sneaking off to the bathroom every 45 minutes is kinda annoying, though. “E” is very speedy and not that touchy for me, so 2 hits of it is cool for me for a night at the bar. Weed is for hippies and DR. Dre…

Milk. It is full of protein and therefore gives you the opportunity to enlarge your muscles. I’ll tell you what, try drinking milk at a party. You will definetly be the talk of the party. You will make all the burners feel inadequate. The women will love you for showing some real bravery. Good luck. Oh, I hope you get caught if you don’t take my advice.