Choosing a Club

I was thinking of joining a judo class by USA Judo

Has anyone ever taken classes by these people? Are they any good?

$65 - 1 year Dual Judo/Jujitso

I’m new to this and a complete noob at MA.


is that 65/month or year? How many classes do you get a week? Do they have students that compete? Of the ones that do compete, what are their records?

I’ve never trained there but I ask myself these type of questions about any school.

Oops sorry

$65 a year

Im going later to check out the place, the website doesnt seem to have much information on the classes.

hmmm…it’s looks like $65/yr are the membership fees to that judo organization. i looked at the site, and i assume you’re talking about the central Florida JJ/Judo school, and i thought the fees were $125/mo.

hope that helps…

Seems your right I misunderstood the whole thing