Choosing A Bench Shirt

my raw bench is 335 with the pause
and im looking to compete in a usapl meet and they allow single ply im just turned 19 weight 232 and looking to spend around 100 maybe a little more on a bench shirt can some one tell me the best brand i should go for and suggestiong and websites would be great thanks.

I like the Titan Fury. It is a good shirt to learn with and you can also keep using it when you become more advanced.

check out liftinglarge as ordering from Titan takes about a year.

For that budget I think the best option would be a Titan Fury or F6.
Modern Inzer and Metal shirts cost a lot more.

Ditto on the Titans. If you are comfortable bringing the bar low (or at least as low as the USAPL allows ), go with the F6- it’s a good shirt with a short learning curve. Don’t be afraid to go with the “competition fit” or even a size smaller. The chest plate will get about 1.5 to 2 inches wider by your third workout in it. Go Pain Clinic ships Titan gear pretty quick also (, I think) and they were a bit cheaper than Lifting Large last time I looked- free shipping also.