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Chondromalacia Platela Recovery Help

I have been diagnosed with Chondromalacia platela 2-3 months ago and try to recover doing isometric exercises (from lying position and 4Kgr on the leg I do 3X30 extended leg raises and from standing position I make 2-3 dets: pull my extended leg outwards, inwards and behind) and stretches and take Solgar Meta-Flex pils. Also I do some icing. I read this great article and begun to do more glutes exercises.
The question I have is: Nothing is mentioned about quadriceps and the other leg muscles. Should I do no quadriceps isometrics at all? Only glutes exercises and quad stretching?
Any advice that could help my recovery would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hip weakness/tightness is usually way more often the cause than the quad (though strengthening the VMO - vastus medialis obliques never hurts). Especially the hip Abductors, and External rotators. Also a tight ITB pulls the patella laterally so make sure you stretch that. If you have flat feet consider orthotics. Flat feet cause internal rotation in the lower extremity and increase the Q angle resulting in poor tracking. Loom up with “airplane” exercise. It;s great for hip strength.

Consider some McConnell taping for short term relief.

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