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Chondromalacia and Advice

So I finally went to an orthopedist and got my knee checked out. I have, where my knee cap is tilting because my vastus medialis is weak. I’m going to be going to physical therapy 3 times a week, but I also have some camps and such where I might be off it for 2 weeks.

So I was wondering what kind of isolation movements can I do while I’m out in the woods, or in a little lodge type thing to strengthen my vastus medialis? I could get bands, potentially some small weights one week, but I’m not gonna go backpacking with extra weights.

Also, I finally got my butt in gear and am on a diet, I was just wondering what ya’ll think of it, its for weight loss, I’m thinking probably another 3 weeks on this, then camps for 2 weeks which I’ll probably lose some weight at, and then back on until I feel I’m at a good place, then work up to 3500+ calories around the end of August, but along with a lot of weights, hopefully some olympic lifting and such (G-flux-esque) to keep the body fat down preferably no more than 15%.

9/10:00Oatmeal (1/2 cup)
Fish (6oz)
Milk (8oz)
12:00 Fish (6oz)
3:00 Fish (6oz)
6:00 Greens
Fish (6oz)
8:00 Greens
Milk (8oz)
10:00 Protein Shake
Milk (8oz)
9+ hours of sleep each night. The fish is also either trout I catch around here or farm raised, so I don’t think mercury will be an issue. I’m thinking of adding in protein powder to breakfast and making a shake with milk, oats and protein powder. This works out to just under 2000 calories and 260g of protein, and then a cheat day on Friday or Saturday. I would then walk for an hour (or not depending on what the therapist says), and then intense upper body training 5-6 days per week and stretching twice a day, especially my lower body, I’m really inflexible.
And I am: 6’ tall, 180lbs or so 18% BF I’d say, still trying to calibrate my new shoes.

Talk to your physical therapist. There are a number of reasons to get this syndrome. They should be able to offer a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises you can do on your own. Don’t discard anything they offer, especially because some of the stretches and exercises might seem silly, but they really work. Just do them.

I am going to talk to him as I said. It was caused by an incident back in December(been covered in another thread), and that knocked it out of place and then probably a combination of inactivity and compensation for the pain in the way I walked probably caused it. I was just wondering what yall knew of that I could do with limited access.
Also I’m wondering about my diet.