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Chomsky At It Again


Denying genocide, this time in Bosnia:



Thanks for posting the link. I wonder what color the sky is in his world.


Chompsky isn't Christ but he is argueably the world's leading intellectual.

He didn't deny genocide he just implied that those reports were exagerated.


What the hell does that even mean?


He is only a man and not infallible.


You could also argue I am the worlds leading intellectual but you would be equally wrong.


Who is argueing that you are a leading intellectual?


Who's a homosexual?




Prof. X and Zepplin are both semi-illiterate at best.

Zap was just saying that declaring Chomsky a brainiac means jack-shit. Zap thinks I'm Einstein's smarter, older brother. Doesn't mean shit.


If Noam Chomsky is an intellectual, Then Michael Moore is the leading expert on diet and exercise.

Noam Chomsky is really a master of saying crap, and using fluff, and a whole lot of big words to make him seem smart. A lot of people have fallen for it.

It is better to listen to him then read him only because he doesn?t have as much time to add in all that fluff, so there is only half as much b*llshit (oops I censored that wrong,) for everyone to wade through.

He is big on socialism/ communism/ anarchism all rolled into one. (He complains that Russia got communism wrong, assuming anyone could ever get it right.) To really understand all of this it means he wants to be able to do whatever he wants without any responsibility, and have it financed by the government.


That Crazy Chomsky


I see, so the "incident" where practically all male members of my family were killed in cold blood alongside thousands of others was not a massacre? Gee, thanks mr. Chomsky for clearing that up.

I guess all those corpses were just my imagination.

Thank you for refering us to the "unbiased" source of general McKenzie who spent most of his time in Bosnia drinking with Serb war criminals and sleeping with underage girls.



You don't get it.


You've obviously never read Chompsky as using "big words" is not his forte'. He spells out an arguement as simple as he can and let's IT do the talking. If you want to listen to someone who uses big words and force of rhetoric, then listen to William F. Buckley.


He seems to understand perfectly.

Chomsky is as phony as a three dollar bill.

The fact that you cannot see through his rhetoric and his amazing lack of logic does not make Chomsky a leading intellectual, but it certainly casts your critical thinking skills in doubt.


Some of you need to seriously consider surgically removing that ass-stick.


Chomsky is great with his words, he can spin a line of crap and make some people think they smell roses.

And it also depends on what you read. He has some stuff out where he has spent a page basically saying nothing. I admit that takes skill.

Now do you support his anarchy, or his communism position, or both?


All of it? In one operation? Sir, that would be unethical...


Noam Chomsky is probably the most respected and cited linguist in the world. Whether or not you agree with his political beliefs, to think of him as dumb only reflects badly upon yourself.