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ok quick question I have high cholestrol are there things i can take to help that, will it mess up my weight training and are there things i should avoid? please reply quickly

hey don’t know if this will help you but my dad had a cholesterol reading of 250 about three months ago and after doing some research for him on what supplements might help (he really did not want to use drugs) this is what I came up with:
use a garlic supplement (we used kyolic w/ lechitin) as per label instructions.
use a lechitin supplement from a reputable company as per label instructions.
eat some form of oat bran daily (he loved these oat bran flakes cereal from a natural food store).
fish oil! start with 2-4 grams of epa/dha combined. Dale Alexander makes an emulsified version that is concentrated and thus convenient.
NO FLUSH niacin - we went with the twinlab version. you have to build up with this one. start with the 600 mg dose and each week add another dose. you should wind up at around three grams and that should be enough. plenty of research out there stating that this should help lower overall cholesterol as well as raise hdl (good chol.) and lower ldl (bad chol.). remember to work up to three grams and monitor your reactions to each dose level. flushing is no big deal but some get freaked out by it.
IF you can, go get a blood test and keep the cholesterol results in mind. Schedule another one for two or three months later so you can see if things are actually working or not. Two months is probably a good time. IF you have the chance, let your doc know what you’re up to - particularly for the niacin part. read up on it quickly to see if you fall into the category of those for which niacin is not recommended.
WORK OUT! 'nuff said.

Dad showed me the results of his follow up test three months later on a trip back home. He’s at 170…
hope this helps give you some ideas!

Read Cy Wilson’s article in issue 162 entitled “Bad Blood”. It gives a lot of the same advice as the replies, but also adds a few other tips.

I’m always touting the good effects of Brewer’s Yeast - It is reported that B.Y. helps lower bad cholestrol and raise good cholestrol.

Everything that Dean suggested plus Red Yeast Rice Extract.

A fiber supplement with pectin can help as can Essential fatty acids.

thanks for the help i heard methoxy-7 lowers cholestrol is this true do ya’ll think it will help?

Psyllium husk is known to reduce bad cholesterol by removing bile acids. When your liver produces more, it draws in blood thus lowering your bad cholesterol. Take something like colon cleanse or a product that contains Fibersol 2. Also, make sure you get some folic acid to reduce homocysteine levels.

I believe I heard the same thing about Methoxy-7. Go back and read the original Behind the Scenes article and anything else about M-7 and I’m sure you will find the answer.

Keep in mind the formula of Methoxy-7 has changed recently. The new is much better but I don’t think it has a cholesterol base anymore. It uses flax now. (I think). Oh, and M-7 and Methoxy-7 are two different supplements. M7 is a knock off that sucks.

Paul-thanks for the correction. I’ll be more careful now with my abbreviations. I always forget that there are unethical business people who try to copy the name of a good product only to put garbage in the knock-off.

You’re getting some good advice. Kyolic is good, or get a standardized one with a high allicin content (Enzymatic Therapy’s Garlinase 4000 is one of the best, only takes one a day). Also Vit. C in high dosages (3,000 mg./day or so). Fish oil is good too.

Matt,some of these suggestions are quite good,especially the fish oil,garlic etc.However don’t ignore the foundation-the food you eat.High carb diets have been shown to aggravate cholesterol levels.If you have not already done so,lower your carbs,and raise your intake of healthy fats.Whatever carbs you do eat,stick to low glycaemic sources.
Don’t forget a balanced excercise regimen(cardio and weights) and try and keep a calm,laid back demenour.