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Cholestrol - Can I Do Another Cycle Yet?


Hi everyone,

I did a cycle about 2.7 months ago. The cycle was:
Dbol for 4 weeks
Test E for 12 weeks
Winstrol for 8 weeks after doing the Dbol
Clen for 2 to 3 weeks near the end of cycle
PCT was Nolva, Clomid, HCG, and a bit of armidex during cycle.

Ok so I know Winstrol (Stanazol) really stuffs up your lipid levels. And i know the rule Time ON + PCT = Time off. So that means my time on + pct = 20 weeks which means i need to be off for 20 weeks which is like 5 months. Now its almost 3 months and my cholestrol levels are still pretty elevated. Im sure by the 5th month is should come down as in the last 2 weeks it has come down but I have dabbled with Niacin...unfortunately I got the niacin rash so had to discontinue it.

I was thinking of using Lipitor but I think i should rather just continue with my omegas and wait out the remaining 2 months.

My next cycle is planned - Deca, Proviron, Test E, Test Sust in the first 4 weeks, and Dbol...as mentioned on my other thread.

I have a few questions:
- How long does it normally take for lipid levels to improve after an 8 week winny cycle - 12 week test E.?

  • My next cycle - i dont see anything in it that will really mess up my cholestrol futher? so would it be ok to start my next cycle sooner than waiting out the 2 remaining months?

  • Should I take lipitor to improve my cholestrol/lipids as a quick fix?

my current total cholestrol level = 6.2 (should be under 4)
my HDL level = 4.2 (should be under 4)


Have you changed your diet to improve the lipid numbers?


yep i have but not hectically. Also went on Niacin but got the niacin rash which was pretty hectic.

my total cholestrol went from 6.78 to 6.2 in 2 weeks so far. According to the time on + pct = time off.. i should only do my next cycle at the end of November. But im going to do another cholestrol test at the end of the month. Will continue with my omegas etc.