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I am well aware that steroids are derived from cholesterol. I am also aware that the body naturally produces steroids with cholesterol in the body. What I was wondering is if a diet in moderate-high cholesterol/protein would assist in increasing LBM? I already eat this way but I’m just currious. I know biotest’s methoxy-7 has cholesterol in it which might explain something. I also read a report on people who took cholesterol-lowering drugs had muscle fatigue and their muscles got smaller/weaker. I know one thing is for sure, I eat a pound of beef jerky a day which is 100% cholesterol daily value and my sex drive is off the wall. I know that sex hormones/androgens and even the dreaded cortisol are a product of cholesterol as well. So it seems there are a lot of similarities between cholesterol and high hormone production. If any of this holds true, is there anyway to synergistically improve the cholesterol’s utilization in the body for muscle-building properties with certain supplements? Furthermore, I understand high cholesterol or too much can be bad for you. Is there anyway to offset the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases while having a high intake of cholesterol to maximize muscle-building properties? Are there any other things in foods like cholesterol (e.g. isoflavones, creatine, something else I’m missing?) that have natural anabolic effects? Thank you.

Just a note, Cy Willson has written an article that touches on this topic. It will likely be posted Friday.

Great, looking forward to it. Thanks.