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Something I haven’t seen anyone discuss is how you take care of your high cholesterol as a result of doing juice.

AAS does cause a rise in bad cholesterol.

I’m about 2.5 months post cycle, and my bad cholesterol is sky high. I didn’t have it before. My liver enzymes are good however.

Any of you guys on statins on a permanent basis? Or does your LDL’s go down post cycle? Thanks in advance.

increase your fiber/whole grain intake. and get plenty of essential fats.

I had this problem while on but after I got off they would return to normal. If they stay up I would try and take measures to correct it. It is good that you are getting the blood work done. Oh, when I say take measures to correct it I mean through natural ways like correcting your diet etc.

Statins are not recommended during an androgen cycle…check out Cy’s article on this.

Some “specialty” supplements i have found to help the cholesterol problem (which is by far the worst side effect of androgen use) are:

-twinlab “cholesterol success” (plant sterols)


these supps wont cure the problem, but they have definitly helped me out big time…

try omega 3 oil supplement. that will help as well as improving your diet and of course,doing cardio.

Watch the combinations of steroids, from there check your diet. My cholesterol is always fine when on. HDL does drop a tad and ldl raise a bit, but all levels healthy.