Previously I’d been getting a little bit of
cholesterol in my diet from beef and fish, but
I’ve never really consumed a lot of dietary
cholesterol. EG, I haven’t eaten whole eggs
since I was a kid. Several months ago I had
some blood tests done which indicated low
DHEA levels, and moderate Total T levels.
Recently I’ve tried eating 4-6 whole eggs per
day to get more cholesterol. I noticed my
energy levels increased and my sex drive
increased a lot, so I had my blood tests
redone, and levels of both hormones are way
up. I know that the liver can synthesize
cholesterol, but perhaps (in some people
anyway) it can’t always synthesize enough to
meet the needs for “downstream” hormone
production. I think perhaps an appropriate
analogy would be to how glutamine is a
“conditionally essential” amino acid - the
body can produce it, but frequently not
enough to meet bodily demands - hence dietary
supplements. I think cholesterol might fall
into the same category. What do you guys
think? (BTW, no other dietary or training
parameters have changed that I can determine
that would have caused this.) Also, can
anyone tell me what foods are high in
cholesterol other than egg yolks and beef.

Good…more validation of my “eat more saturated fat theory” from the fat roundtable. I got a bunch of email saying I was nuts for recommending a bit of extra sat fat. Now, in all fairness, your results could have been merely conincidenal but I dont think so. Perhaps, like protein, athletes need more of EVERY macronutrient and mictonutrient (including sat fat and cholesterol). I will caution everyone that excess sat fat and cholesterol is bad. Read the fat roundtable for my recommendations. In the forum (below), I posted a response to a guy about EFA’s giving a link to an online database that allows you to search for foods and gives you most of the macro and micro info for yourself. Check it out. And congrats on your improved levels of the Big T.