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Cholesterol Too High

I got blood work done two days ago and I wanted to get some else to look at the results. I think everything is ok but the cholesterol. I am 36 years old 5’11" 182lbs and 10%body fat. I eat clean with the occasional pizza cheat meal. The majority of the cholesterol I consume comes from smoked chicken breast with skin and egg yokes. I usually eat 2-3 chicken breast a day and 5 whole eggs. Yesterday I cut out the chicken skin and all but one egg yoke and I added olive oil. Right now I am taking 1000mg saw palmetto daily, 20mg tamoxifen daily, and .25mg amaridex e3d. I was shocked when I got the results. Should I be alarmed?

Also I took the test around 10am and was not fasting if that makes a difference.

Yes, it does make a difference. You need to be fasting 10-12 hours for the lipids profile to be valid. Go back and do the test again and add fasting glucose, fasting insulin, and HbA1C. If you have diabetes your lipids could be abnormal even with a healthy diet. Heredity also plays a part. Do you have parents with high cholesterol?

I went back in 6 weeks later after changing up my diet a little. This time I took the test fasted and my total cholesterol went down to 200. Still a little high but I felt better about it. After Christmas i am going to get blood work done again. Thanks for the reply.

Ok good news. A lot of your other out of range numbers will probably be normal on your next fasting test.