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Cholesterol on Cycle: High LDL, Low HDL

Hi this is my cholesterol on 8th weeks in cycle
1-8 Test 500 x week
1-8 Tren ace 75 eod
5-8 win 50 ed
1-8 masteron 300 x week
Adex 0.5 eod
Caber 2 x weeks
T3 75 x day

I am 12-14 weeks old on this cycle and come off tren in 2 weeks. just that I have these cholesterol values. blood count and everything ok
Total chol 209
Hdl 19
Ldl 177
Trigly 63
I’m 2000 calories … only one cheat meal x week … do you have any advice for me?
The blood pressure it’s ok 125-70
I’m 27 years old …5’10” X 198 lbs … 7% body far …this is my 6th cycle

Take another reading in a month. Low HDL is common especially with orals.

for being on winny, then, mast and adex… these are actually pretty good lipids to have.

However HDL-LDL sub-fractions might tell a different story.

I’ve seen HDL as low as 4 on winny and LDL 200+, hell I wonder what you’re lipids would look like had you just run TRT test + winny.

Either way, you’re lipids, while shit, aren’t as shit as I’d expect from someone on you’re regime. I mean… I don’t know what you expect on such a cycle, did you really expect to have good lipids?

How’s you’re cardiovascular health? Ever gotten an EKG or cardiac ultrasound, just wondering given you’re taking relatively high doses of AAS + T3.

BP is very good, you’re very lean, are you competing?

I performed heart checks several times. echographs and electrocardiograms. but in any case t3 only take it for 4 weeks maximum 5. so nothing to worry about cholesterol?

In short term, as in like for 3-4 wks no. Long term though that lipid profile would be detrimental

In off cycle my hdl is 45 … and ldl more low than now :wink: