Cholesterol Meds On Cycle To Keep LDL and HDL Good

If everyone is so concerned about effects of Cholesterol on cycle what would happen if you got a prescription for cholesterol medicine while on cycle?

I have a prescription for those meds for like 10 years.
Depending on a cycle they dont actually do much. When im on a good blast, taking a low dose of statin doesnt get my HDL higher than 0,5 (lowest good number is 1). It does however control the LDL for me and mine is always perfect even tho i eat complete garbage, cuz i need too much calories to support my weight and gain muscle alongside my super active lifestyle.

Funny how people who are concerned with cholesterol will rather look for another drug instead of actually do some serious HIT cardio, with hill sprints, prowler pushes, assault bike intervals and stuff like that.
10-20 minutes of high intenstity interval work a day will keep your artheries clean no matter what you eat. And no, walking a treadmill or fatass-ing on a stationary bike is NOT cardio, unless you are 70 years old and obese at the same time.
With all the unfit bodybuilders and powerlifters dropping dead, i would really love for HIT to be pushed more than ever.


I feel attacked and need to go to my safe place.


Interesting debate on ramifications doing HIIT while on AAS. And I mean real Tabata HIIT. Would be a good thread to discuss if it is a net positive. Perhaps too much oxidative damage.

Perhaps I am sensitive on the subject as extreme HIIT plus PEDs coincided with AFIB for me. Since that my FTP is nowhere near what it was. Maybe a mental protective effect that happens to some after cardiac event.

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I am a disabled vet, hence the name BrokenRanger. So intense cardio is out for me.

Also what is a low dose of statins? What about a high dose?

Im not saying those are not good. I also do em. Its just not “cardio training” - its building some endurance and base, or maintaining it.
But for cardio, it is the same as 20 pushups for strenght training - its the very basic minimum with which you start your journey. I honestly believe that is the reason why bodybuilders die more that any other athletes. Because no other athlete considers walking an actual training.

I probably dont know what that is nor do i care. The idea was clear - do something that trains your heart, not something anyone should be able to do without breaking a sweat. Actually TRAIN the cardio.

So why would u need steroids at all? Gonna compete in some disabled athletics or something? I mean, if u already have fucked up health, why dont you actually think about health.

I take 20mgs of Sortis. Full dose would be 80. I tried 40mgs - the readings didnt change from 20, so i wont go higher.

Absolutely not.

Nice chatting with you.

You’d likely have less fucked up lipids.

Someone on here has posted about the dangers of taking a statin while also using oral AAS. I take Ezetimibe while on TRT and blasting (with Anavar) and so far have no issues. Lipids look fine while off and slightly fucked while on the orals.

Only the fittest of the fit can do a true tabata circuit.

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Second, to quantify the effect of high-intensity intermittent training on energy release, seven subjects performed an intermittent training exercise 5 d·wk-1 for 6 wk. The exhaustive intermittent training consisted of seven to eight sets of 20-s exercise at an intensity of about 170% of ˙VO2max with a 10-s rest between each bout. After the training period, ˙VO2max increased by 7 ml·kg-1·min-1, while the anaerobic capacity increased by 28%. In conclusion, this study showed that moderate-intensity aerobic training that improves the maximal aerobic power does not change anaerobic capacity and that adequate high-intensity intermittent training may improve both anaerobic and aerobic energy supplying systems significantly, probably through imposing intensive stimuli on both systems

Not a typo. Pretty sure trying to do this off and on for a few years did not do my heart any favors.

Tabata intervals if you can actually do them prohably arent good for you. There is a bell curve for exercise re health benefits.

Im sure you’ve seen the data that shows intensive aerobic exercise may increase risk of a-fib, how biomarkers indicative of cardiac damage tend to be elevated after one runs a half marathon, full marathon etc… and subclinical cardiac dysfunction induced by marathon running actually persists for days post race.

Tabata training likely induces quite a bit of oxidative stress. Weigh up the risks and rewards, if you live for exercise and love intense training… do your tabata intervals, probably isn’t as bad as smoking ciggies or being a weekend warrior with the drinks etc


Cardiac damage training. Mad props.

I wonder what his blood work would show? Real life X-man.

“So… what did you do today?”

“Made a piece of toast with my legs… the usual…”.

it doesnt matter to this topic…
what i ment was just TRAIN the cardio…
its kind of like not doing strenght work, only pump work, and if there are enough AAS present you will gain size but not much strenght. I think that also happens with heart on steroids. If its not trained, the only way it can compensate is to grow. If it is strong it doesnt need to grow.
I was on the most drugs for years along with the most high intensity cardio in my life and my heart didnt grow. Then there are these guys who consider walking being a training and thei hearts are twice the size of normal.
People dont train the cardio, they just walk same pace. Instead, if you walk, in a few months u walk the incline, in a few months you run it, and in a few months more you sprint it. Cardio ability has to increase as the weight goes up. No one does this. Everyone trains muscles and strenght, no one improves cardio. Thats why the heart has to work more passively and thats why it is forced to grow. Athletes rarely have these problems or their heart growth is within acceptable range.