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Cholesterol Meds for Kids!?

I don’t know how many of you have seen or heard about this yet, but when I read this I was outraged. Big pharma must be desperate, and people REALLY need to get educated:

“Doctors group says some children need cholesterol meds”


I saw that today, but had no sound at the gym, thanks for the link.

I was talking to my client who is an endocrinologist and she scoffed at the idea as well.

She did mention that in rare cases of hypercholesterimia it may be helpful or in cases of really high triglycerides not to cause pancreitis.

Amazing, seems like they’re trying to target another market to increase sales

Another band-aid solution. Wouldn’t it be better if children were just taught healthy eating habits and not fed a bunch of processed shit all day why they sit in front of a Xbox?

On the news a doctor referred to child obesity as “the global warming of health care”, saying the medical system will not be able to sustain all the ailments this generation will have in just a few short years. The medication is certainly a band aid, but it is something doctors can do to prevent 18 year olds from having heart attacks. Telling them to eat less and exercise more apparently isn’t working.