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Cholesterol levels article

Cy: good article. But I just wanted to point
out one thing you missed: having too
cholesterol levels (under 170 total)
can also be a big health risk. One example:
risk of some types of stroke goes up
dramatically. Not to mention low cholesterol
will badly effect androgen levels. Low
cholesterol probably isn’t a problem for most
people. But some people might think “hey my
cholesterol is really low so I must be doing
good” but that isn’t the case. Balance is the
key, and focusing only on lowering cholesterol
might be harmful to some people who are
genetically predisposed to having low
cholesterol (like me). Blood work needs to be
done to determine if it’s too low, to high, or
just right.

Are there some articles you could cite for this? I just had my cholesterol done and it came back 185 and I was sort of bummed because I was thinking back to when it was 164. But what you say makes sense that there are ought to be an optimal range that we have overlooked, probalby because hyperlipidemia is overwhelmingly more often an issue than hypolipidemia.