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Cholesterol is Testosterone!

famous powerlifting coach Louie Simmons when asked about right kind of diet for powerlifters replied-“CHOLESTEROL IS TESTOSTERONE!”
what is your opinion on a diet high in saturated fat?
gains vs. risks?
any personal experiences on high fat-diet that lasted more than 6 months?

it is true that cholesterol is the precursor to sterols(testosterone included). However, cholesterol is not a saturated fat if that is what you were implying.

You can give a chemical reaction more reactants, but unless you are somehow influencing the rate limiting step, you may have no effect in the overall product formation.

Basically don’t go nuts with cholesterol expecting to see huge increases in T levels, cuz you wont. But understand that you need it, for more than just sterols, too.

Quit starting obvious threads with exclamation points!

Your body NEEDS cholesterol to produce hormones.
Thats why I’m against low cholesterol diets.
When you’re trying to add mass,saturated fat and cholesterol is important.
Even when you’re losing weight cholesterol is important.

Cholesterol and saturated fat are not the same thing. Saturated fat actually has much more of an impact on cholesterol levels than dietary cholesterol. Neither are bad. Saturated fat should not be unduly restricted and some is needed for proper hormone functioning, but neither is it appropriate to go overboard. I would say keep it to 1/3 of total fat intake, with the other 2/3s being unsaturated fats. Making sure to get EFAs as well.