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Cholesterol in Protein Powder


i got some protein, the company is BODY FORTRESS..

one problem, is 75mg of cholesterol per serving a lot ??

im only 19, only thing ive heard about protein thats bad is, if its "cheap" supposedly it has high cholesterol..

anyone got an answer?


Dietary cholesterol isn't really related to your good and bad cholesterol levels... eggs have lots too...


so basically, the only cholesterol you need to worry about is technically fast food, shit like that..

then again im not really worried, it just seemed to be a big number compared to other proteins



Oh, God, man. I ran out of my normal whey powder last week and didn't get paid 'til Friday. Since I needed a quick fix I went to Holland & Barrett after seeing them advertise Body fortress at half price (£12.49!). THAT SHIT WAS DISGUSTING! Chemically crap that tasted like battery acid. I couldn't even finish the tub.

Ordered my whey from my normal supplier on Sunday and got it at lunchtime today and it's delicious.



Its the bad fat, massive amounts of low quality carbohydrates, and triglycerides that to be worried about in fast food burgers (not even including the french fries and soda). Cholesterol is cholesterol. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Some is needed to maintain proper hormone levels.


It's also important to point out the dietary cholesterol is an entirely different thing than blood cholesterol.


I eat like 6 eggs per day, and planning to increase it. Also you have to count cholesterol from meat.

Anyway, I went to get my blood work done, cholesterol and fats are PERFECT. The limit is 5, and I'm 4.1 (Vitamin T ROAR).

I also found out my red white cells are a bit weak, so I'm fixing that. It's nice to get your blood work done.


Yes. When I said cholesterol is cholesterol I was only referring to cholesterol one eats.


That's funny, a guy in the gym was tellin me the same thing about GNC brand protein.


i like the Body Fortress protein.. tastes good, not sure what kind that dude had that tasted like chemicals but i got chocolate, and its amazing..

way better than that stuff i had before..


It was strawberry.

And it was foul.


never knew they made strawberry, only have seen vanilla and chocolate :stuck_out_tongue:

but i bet it would be gross yah lol