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Cholesterol Check

I just got my Cholesterol checked at work:

Here’s what I got (fasted state - 14hrs)

Total Chol: 109
HDL: 30
Glucose: 77

I know my total chol is low, which is good. But my HDL is too low. What can I do to improve it? I already eat nuts, supplement with fish/flax oil and exercise. What else can I do?

Any idea what the Glucose test is for ? or what it indicates?

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aside from that plenty of fatty fish and walnut,. Also Fiber like that is Oats. The soluable variety. It will carry away some of the bad dietary Cho.

Hope That Helps,

Fasting blood glucose is used to diagnose diabetes mellitus. A fasting level between 70 - 110 is normal.

If you have high levels of glucose floating in your bloodstream, that means it is not being delivered into cells…thus diabetes.