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Cholesterol and Protein?


So I just got back from my doc and he said my bad Cholesterol is high as hell...it runs in the family, but could the higher levels of cholesterol in Protein powder be adding to this probelm that much? Ideas?


dietary cholesterol doesn’t have much influence on blood cholesterol


Stupid family! I should have picked better parents!


Write down your diet, maybe there’s something in it that causes high cho’…


I’ve been eating twelve eggs and two litres of milk everyday for the last 4 months and my cholesterol levels are fine. The effects dietary cholesterol have on serum cholesterol levels are negligible.

I believe omega-6 polyunsaturates are supposed to be the main culprit now.


saturated fat is the main thing i can think of that raises at least you LDL, if not your overall total. but like said above dietary cholesterol doesn’t have much of an influence on blood cholesterol.


some people’s cholesterol levels ARE impacted by dietary cholesterol, so if I were you I’d try out a low cholesterol diet for a period of 4 weeks or so and get retested to see if it had any effect. to say that dietay cholesterol has NO impact on serum cholesterol is irresponsible, as for SOME people it clearly does.


OP, how are your other #s? BP, triglycerides etc?

High cholesterol itself isn’t that big of a deal unless other health risks are present as well.


The Doc (this is for my Gov’t job) didn’t say anything about the other numbers…Just said my Cholesterol numbers were the worst he has seen this year…But with my diet it just doesn’t make sense…Unless it comes from my genetics or Protein powder…

I am going to hit up my doc that’s dealing with my other physical problems and have him test me again I think


First there’s the fact that even if protein powder had significant cholesterol content – in this context the word cholesterol refers to a particular molecule in the sterol family – that would have little to nothing to do with blood “cholesterol” levels. Where in that context the word refers to entirely different molecules of the lipoprotein family. Not the same thing.

Second there’s the fact that even IF dietary cholesterol intake were highly related to adverse blood lipoprotein levels (called “cholesterol” though it is not), protein powder contains extremely little cholesterol anyway.

Unless you are using some weird brand, perhaps. Even then it seems very unlikely.

EDIT: I was wrong on this second matter. While the protein I use (Low Carb Metabolic Drive) is very low in cholesterol, as has also been the case on those occasions I’ve noticed the amount of cholesterol listed on labels of differing protein jars, it turns out that some do have amounts of cholesterol comparable to that found in milk for the same amount of protein. For example Grow! Whey does. This is not a problem, but I was in error saying that content is generally extremely little. Actually it is only sometimes extremely little.


ON Gold Standard Whey has low dietary cholesterol, I believe…


Bill, Thanks for the in-depth reply!

But yeah – all of my shakes have 1 scoop ON 100% whey, and 1 scoop MD…

The Nutritional Info on the side of the ON Bag says it has 30mg (10%) per one rounded scoop…

I take up to 6 shakes a day because of my Job (counter terror for the Gov’t - So I am on planes almost everyday or away from home)…And I just don’t want to aggravate an already genetic problem…

My daily diet and training are posted in the log section under, “Alpha’s Work” if that helps…

Thanks to everyone for the replies, it is all greatly appreciated!


Interesting: I’m surprised it has so much. For example Low Carb Metabolic Drive has 5 mg per scoop, not 30.

In either case though, I don’t expect your blood lipids would be adversely affected.

Glad to hear you’re on the job: that’s important work benefiting everybody (obviously.)


Thanks Bill,

and my Biotest Grow! Whey has 65 mg per scoop…So do you think these numbers are worth worrying about with the high number of shakes?

BTW thanks for the job complement…these days it seems like I am the bad guy for stopping the bad guys…


Nope, wouldn’t worry about it. I hadn’t known that there was that amount in the Grow Whey, but it’s not a problem.


Thanks for all of your input bill, it is a relief