Cholesterol And Protein Effects?

Many of you t-nation readers eat tons of protein, usually 1.5-2x their body weight. Isn’t too much bad for you, does it not raise your cholesterol levels and clog up your arteries or does that not take effect if you are working out hardcore…Just a little confused, if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great…

well and ‘normal’ people eat a lof of bad carbs and bad fats :slight_smile: coz they don’t know what they eat …

not able to give you a chemical breakdown tho :slight_smile: but just my common sense hehe

hasn’t the myth of “eating too much protein causes cholesterol increases and clogs arteries” been played out enough?

hey soy milk and tofu is great if you want to have a manly body or prevent cancers and other great attention getters.

I am entertained by the 1-2x the bodyweight…someone give this person a re-education of grams of protein to lbs of bodyweight as far as protein…and carbs too.

“You gotta eat.”

Protein makes you grow muscles. Eat lots of it.

“Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

The only side effect is weight gain and an increase in muscle. Thus, you may need to buy bigger clothes.

Drink water, eat healthy, and you have nothing to worry about. Your kidneys and body will be fine unless you have some sort of problem prior to increasing protein intake.