Cholesterol and Anastrozole

Been awhile since I posted but was wondering about my cholesterol results . I can’t recall but was wondering if using a small amount of Anastrozole would have a negative effect on my lipid profile

It can, indirectly, as estradiol is cardioprotective. I’ve seen many guys get a 20-30% improvement in their lipids once starting testosterone. Some are able to discontinue statins and metformin.

I take .25 twice a week with my injections which keeps my estrogen fairly low normal , I feel great but my lipid panel came back pretty bad , Hdl was barely in range and ldl was high , was wondering if letting my estrogen balance itself out would maybe help a little with my ratio of Hdl and ldl

That’s with 0.0625 mg of Anastrozole EOD. As long as I didn’t crash my E2 I was fine at least in my case. That works out to 0.21875mg per week if we want to average it out.

In my experience .25mg of Anastrozole weekly had no impact on my lipids. Your results may vary

Hey I remember you saying you may go higher dose for a bit with AI and eventually go back to the lowest possible with only T and nothing else. Which one would you say is preferable libido and erections wise?

I see no difference. 100mg test weekly with no AI = great libido/erections. 160mg test + .25mg A = great libido
360mg test + .5mg-1mg A = great libido (although less consistent maybe)
480mg test + 1-2mg A = decent libido, maybe worse erections. I didn’t stay on long enough to test out many AI doses and track libido. When I blast I focus on the physical aspects and worry less about libido. In the past I’ve gone up to 750mg weekly with no AI and I did have issues with gyno and couldn’t orgasm (without a lot of work). That actually worked in my favor most of the time.

Anyway, I’m lucky that as long as I don’t tank my e2 or let my PRL get out of hang (usually by running high e2) then sex drive and performance are fine.

Edit: I should add, 750mg was UGL test, so who knows really.

Most recently 200mg of test weekly and no AI did not result in consistent libido and so-so erections. I didn’t stay on long enough to play with AI doses, but that is my next experiment starting end of July.

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