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Cholesterol and AAS

Does the profound effect of AAS on LDL and HDL cause you concern?
Are you worried about the risks of coronary artery disease/ atherosclerosis.

Is this overplayed?



Yes to a degree. I keep my time ‘on’ as short as possible and only two times per year. I also have had a recent coronary artery calcium score to make sure plaque is not building up. So be reasonable and stay on top of your labs/check ups unless you are a pro that’s going to risk it all for their career.

No, the impact is significant depending on the compound. Are there guys running around in their 70s that abused these without keeling over? Yep, I can think of a few action stars. So its of course genetic and individual but not something I personally want to risk more than necessary.

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im starting off with
Total cholesterol 177.56 (<200)
HDL 54.04 (>40, however ideal >60)
non HDL 123.52 (<130)

Therefore considered whether using a SARM would have a less of an effect of my lipids.

Would this starting point cncern you? Both of my parents are on statins.

I am 32.

Those are pretty good numbers as far as I am concerned. The thing about cholesterol is that the science is always changing as far as what is important. For example lately its all about particulate size over absolute numbers and ratios. However, its still good practice to try and keep your HDL up and LDL within range. I’m not a fan of SARMS so I can’t comment.

What does the literature say about LDL size when it comes to AAS use?

There is literature about the effects of AAS but none I have found that delve into particulate size.

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guess i just need to chill out and stop hypothesising!

thanks buddy

Google testosterone study 300 vs 600
It was over 16 weeks and I forget the numbers but cholesterol didn’t change much, test is probably healthiest for lipids
I think the 300 mg group saw their hdl go from 47 to 41.
Worse on lipids, tren and any oral


Mast, Winny are also bad to add to your list of tren and orals.

Diet can help quite a bit it seems. Fish oil is something to consider (although the jury is still out on how much it helps). You could probably supplement fish oil for $0.25/day, so it seems to be a no brainer while on cycle.

Not being overly fat is likely going to help as well.

Doing some cardio is going to help. Even walking is going to help with heart health. Not sure if these will help with lipids directly. I do think they will probably help indirectly by either causing fat loss, or maintaining a better composition than without it.